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Background Checks / check this guy for padding his stats
« on: Saturday, March 31, 2018, 13:25:49 PM »
Player above is padding his stats with second account

session history chufy 4 kills 225 deaths

People reported this in sb and I checked - it's true
very obvious to me
Lord-of-War  :style:

Miscellaneous / What you think of Trump just curious
« on: Wednesday, January 03, 2018, 10:10:22 AM »
this one is for you Vegeta

Lord-of-War :style:

General Chat / Bridge SF Server - Question to Vanoke
« on: Sunday, July 02, 2017, 09:09:12 AM »
Hi Vanoke,
Do you think you could make one of your servers a Bridge SF Server.
Merlin closed all the Swiss Servers so I think Vegeta's Server is also gone.As most players were banned on his server anyway - maybe this could be a nice idea.
Or tell me how to do it on the 5 all maps PUF server - I got no idea how to do this.
I would only do it now and then and then put it back to SF Refinery when I am done.

Thank you
Lord-of-War  :style:

General Chat / PUF Servers
« on: Thursday, May 04, 2017, 14:39:58 PM »

I think I asked this before :

The following of your servers don't work with me
1 SF Hospital
6 Classic Border
7 [AA3] Airfield SF Mod
8 SMU GH SF Refinery
10 [maap] City Block

I get the following message trying to connect:
ERROR: No record of this Game Server on the Assist Master Server, Cannot
Authorise, Please try joining a different server

All your other servers work fine with me
It can't be my Firewall or Antivirus cause all the other Servers in Assist are ok
It shows a red x under Ping
I also see players connecting sometimes but I know others can't - having the same problem as me

Any ideas anyone ??

Lord-of-War  :style:

Anti-Cheat / Vegeta Bridge SF Server('s)
« on: Saturday, April 15, 2017, 11:22:10 AM »
If you play SF on your "(No) Nonsense" server No.2 - mark the server as an SF Server and don't let your
SF !!! kills count on the normal Bridge Crossing map.
As you are always so correct - be correct this time - what you need 2 servers for anyway playing the same Bridge SF games ?
Anyway - keep on giving people life bans as you do and this will be history.
And don't think I wanna play there cause I don't - and don't call me son or did you become a father at the
age of 3

Your bottle loving
Lord-of-War  :style:

Feedback & Suggestions / Server map variety sucks atm
« on: Thursday, July 21, 2016, 15:43:50 PM »
I don't wanna complain but this is pretty lame at this stage

Let me try to do a summary
We got 74 servers running at the moment
thereof not tracking :

3         AA3 servers
13       maaap servers
2         passworded servers
2         other mod or cheat servers
most gotthard servers don't get tracked (let's say 8 to be fair)
1   of the weapon se servers not tracked as usual

so that's 29 so far
let's add about another 6 that are not working for sure - too lazy to go threw all of them
makes 35
so almost half the server's maps don't get tracked

There are 45 maps that get tracked in assist to my knowledge
there are 24 maps online of which probably 6 don't work

So this is a variety of 18 maps of 45 possible maps

Come on - I am sure more is possible
The only reliable servers to me atm are the Puf servers that work 100 % in my eyes
Nomad servers are gone - swiss servers are gone or is this the same thing
No more dog ass suckers - no more dku or whatever they were called
KK server is gone and so forth

please put up the nomad servers again - gotthard fix up your servers damned whenever i wanna play rummage or river basin etc. nothing works

maybe have something unusual like sandstorm - taiga - water treatment - river village - recon - blizzard - arctic whatever

Let's get this game up and running again
I am sure a lot of people are put off when all they see coming online is bridge hospital and most of all pipeline

Anyway just my little opinion - I am getting a bit bored but I can as well play bridge all my assist life - I know there is a kind of crysis at the moment and player numbers are going down

Maybe let's be a little creative
It's not in my hand cause I don't own any server - just my 2 cents or whatever

Thank you

Lord-of-War  :style:

Drama & Spam / Auth services down
« on: Saturday, July 09, 2016, 19:18:56 PM »
This Auth down bullshit has been going on for 2 weeks plus now
I have read hundreds of explanations from ddos attacks to Pit's to servers down and being manipulated ... even the company Ford attacking assist  :shock:  ;) -  all a whole lot of crap in my opinion and not satisfying to me and others at all.
It is just talking around the damn pudding and not finding a solution at all.
Everybody knows a little bit and they talk and talk and talk.........
but fuck all happens!
I would like this to be handled by the real admins : Teddy , Big Sergio, Spanky or Bart and most importantly Eliz which to me is the only guy around here that has some profound knowledge to handle a situation like this . I appreciate the efforts of ronsky and possessed but I don't think you are the right guys to handle this and you just confuse the issue more and more and it ends up in an unbelievable chaos cause everybody seems to have the right nowadays to fiddle around with this game as they are pleased. Let Eliz handle this noone else.

Anything else is bs imo
Lord-of-War  :style:

Feedback & Suggestions / someone fix that SF Recon
« on: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 18:29:48 PM »
I am running running running around (Quote Bob Marley)
can't find any obj  lol

LOW  :style:

The Lounge / funny
« on: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 18:22:14 PM »
sorry didnt mean to put that on news
just joking

Low   :style:

Feedback & Suggestions / advertising assist
« on: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 17:50:52 PM »

is that a stupid idea  ????   just a thought

Lord-of-War  :style:

Assist Support / PB Issues Lord-of-War
« on: Monday, March 21, 2016, 09:44:31 AM »
Having the following PB problem:

Checking PnkBstrK driver status NOT FOUND
Manually stopping PnkBstrB FAILED - no handle
Removing test PnkBstrB file OK
PnkBstrA.log: Successfully. This service is a component of the PunkBuster Anti-Cheat system. Visit for more information.
[03.21.2016 13:41:46] Attempting unload of pnkbstrb.

[03.21.2016 13:53:35] PnkBstrA v1036 Service Started Successfully. This service is a component of the PunkBuster Anti-Cheat system. Visit for more information.
[03.21.2016 13:54:00] Attempting unload of pnkbstrb.

[03.21.2016 13:57:24] PnkBstrA v1036 Service Started Successfully. This service is a component of the PunkBuster Anti-Cheat system. Visit for more information.
[03.21.2016 14:00:09] PnkBstrA v1036 Service Started Successfully. This service is a component of the PunkBuster Anti-Cheat system. Visit for more information.
[03.21.2016 14:00:35] Attempting unload of pnkbstrb.

PnkBstrB.log: ormation.

Tests finished.


Earlier error message was like this:

PnkBstrB.log: 11:13:09] ERROR: Copy from [C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Nils\Anwendungsdaten\PnkBstrK.sys] to [C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\PnkBstrK.sys] failed; Load denied. (5)
[03.21.2016 11:13:09] WARNING: CRITICAL ERROR: Failed to Register Service (ffab)
[03.21.2016 11:13:09] PnkBstrB v2.202 (WOLF) Service Attempting Unload. This service is a component of the PunkBuster Anti-Cheat system. Visit for more information.

So the fix PB doesn't work for me - reinstalling and fixing aa didn't work and yes I got admin rights on my pc
Thank you for helping

Lord-of-War  :style:

Assist Support / ype html>
« on: Saturday, July 18, 2015, 12:53:45 PM »
I am trying to redownload assist - a window pops up saying ype.html> ...
then when you click roger it says "failed to verify vital components.Please check you internet connection and write permissions to the
assist folder and then retry.

Also the assist Version is 8.18 not 8.19
this has never happened to me before
Can someone help me please

Lord-of-War  :style:

General Chat / TV Screen on Main Maps disabled?
« on: Friday, July 03, 2015, 16:23:55 PM »
Just out of curiosity - are the TV's being disabled since the new update ? (Top kills, deaths, rounds etc.)
Don't really need it - but it was quite a nice feature to see the same names again and again :)

Lord-of-War  :style:

News / Bridge Crossing: Fan Video
« on: Thursday, June 18, 2015, 12:12:08 PM »
i love this guy - he is hilarious
I recognize the player names  :D    Lord-of-War  :style:

Feedback & Suggestions / Polls
« on: Monday, May 18, 2015, 16:32:46 PM »
I think you can finalize the 3 polls.
The results are quite obvious and noone is voting anymore.
Maybe some new polls  :D ?
The little poll - Do you agree with me - was a total flop  :shock:

Lord-of-War  :style:

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