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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Assist store the game system files and all its data?
  • MAC-OSX: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/25Assist/
  • LINUX: /home/USERNAME/25Assist/
  • WINDOWS XP: C:\Documents and settings\USERNAME\Application Data\25Assist\
  • WINDOWS VISTA/7/8/8.1/10: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\25Assist\
Can I specify a different location for Assist to install AA?
You need to create a folder called "25Assist" in the same folder where 25Assist.exe is. Assist will then ask whether you want to install AA in that folder before proceding with the installation.
I have Windows Vista or Windows 7 and when joining a game I get kicked back out again by PunkBuster with the message PunkBuster service initialization error?
When you first play on Vista or Win 7 you must run 2.5Assist "As Administrator" so that the game can load the PunkBuster service. To do this right click on the 25Assist icon and click "run as administrator" and accept the UAC prompt. Then join a game and wait for it to say PunkBuster service successfully loaded, you may now go back to playing as normal.
Why do I get kicked for 'restriction: service communication failure: PnkBstrA.exe'
Click on "Fix PB" on the "INSTALL" tab then click re-install services and then test. This will solve your problem.
How can I fix this: RUNTIME ERROR 7300, DOES NOT START
You MUST have the '25Assist Libs' folder in the same place as your '25Assist.exe'. Unzip (7-Zip both the 25Assist.exe and the 25Assist Libs Folder and put them both on your desktop.
I am trying to run a server and I have opened the ports on my router but it still says the ports are closed?
It is possible your router does not support NAT loopback. To work around this click 'Options' and tick the disable port testing to external IP option. But this means you will not be able to join your own server from the server list. You will need to use the Join button on the server.
When I try and login I get "timeout error waiting from response from authorization system".
Login to, try changing your password first, go to 'my profile' - 'password', then try again. If this does not work also try changing your username 'my profile' - 'username' to something without any symbols in it. If this does not work try changing your player name to something without symbols in it, go to 'my profile' then 'tracker settings' then change 'aa2 player name'. Make sure there are no spaces in the name. Your username or in game name may have illegal characters in them. If you still have problems, seek help on the forum. Also make sure you don't have a firewall or router that is blocking outgoing UDP connections. You can change your name in the following link: here
When joining a server I get kicked out for unauthorized login. What's causing this?
You must not close Assist or logout from Assist after you have joined a server, closing down Assist removes your authorization to play from the system. If this is not the cause then try changing your AA player name by logging into and go to 'my profile' then 'tracker settings' then change 'aa2 player name' going the following link: namechange
I am getting kicked from servers for Authorization Slot Closed. What's the reason for this?
The reason for this happening will be reported at the bottom of the Assist window next to the donate button. This usually means that Assist is not running or has lost its connection to the master server. You must not close Assist while in a server because this is holding open your authorization slot.
I used to play before authorization went down and now has recorded a wrong honor. How can I get my old honor back?
Submit an honor claim on the forums. An admin will be able to restore your honor as long as you have sufficient proof.
I am getting kicked from servers for File Whitelist Violation.
This means you have got file in your AA installation that are not supposed to be there. You may have been messing with the files, copied a corrupted install or mixed up your 2.8.5 install with your 2.5 install, If you can't manually remove the offending files click on the "INSTALL" tab in Assist and then click on Complete Re-Install to fix it.
Everything is completely messed up, how can I get the basic Assist back?
If something has gone horribly wrong, Click on the "Reset + Repair AA" on "INSTALL" tab in Assist.
I keep getting kicked for "unknown windows API function 131125". How can I solve this problem?
People have reported that stopping or uninstalling your anti-virus program solves this problem.
"..\..\..\..\Common\plugin.cpp; 7458 Failure condition; plugin Entrytable". What's wrong here?
Your 25Assist Libs folder is missing. The libs folder comes in the zip file with 25Assist.exe must be kept together.
I keep having an error setting display mode: CreateDevice failed (D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY). What causes this?
You do not have enough video memory to run AA with the current settings, Click on the "SETTINGS" tab in Assist and choose windowed or fullscreen mode and set a lower resolution like 800x600 or 1024x768 and turn down the graphics detail to low.
How can I adjust my brightness, gamma and contrast in-game?
If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 select the 'Windows 8 Gamma' Option in the "SETTINGS" tab in Assist. If you are using XP, Vista or Windows 7 try choosing Fullscreen mode from the "SETTINGS" tab in Assist.
What does "Windows - No Disk Error" mean?
Your PC is looking for a USB device - e.g. a USB stick or a cell phone - that you've recently plugged in and have removed without using the "remove hardware safely" option in the right hand bottom corner of your screen. Put the last USB device you used back into the USB port and then use the "remove software safely" option.
When I try to join a server I get the message: "Failed to download ".
Your version of Assist probably has outdated files. Press the "Reset + Repair AA" button on the "INSTALL" tab in Assist. If there has recently been an update to Assist, this could also mean that the server has outdated files. You should then try again in about an hour.
When will my account be activated?
An admin will activate your account as soon as possible. They do it for free out of their own time and therefore can't always be ready to activate new accounts at all times. Be patient, an admin will deal with it soon.
Why was my account refused by the administrator?
Assist has a "one account per computer rule" so if you already have an account, the new one will not be activated. If you feel the refusal was unjustified, admins could have made a mistake, visit and make a post about it in the forums.
Why did I get permanently banned? I didn't do anything wrong!
There are sometimes bugs that make the game ban a username for 5 minutes. In these cases it will usually say the ban is permanent even though it's not. Try again in 5 or 10 minutes and it should be fine. If the problem persists, try to find the server owners (usually a clan website) and post there. If, however, there was a message that you were banned when logging in to Assist, then you were banned from Assist. In this case you should go to the forum at if you wish to make an appeal.
Why is my SAI/radar so big/huge?
You can change its size: In Assist go to "SETTINGS" tab in Assist and then "VIDEO" and move the slider there. If that doesn't work, press the "Reset + Repair" button on "INSTALL" tab in Assist.
Why is my sound really low in game?
Windows is detecting communication and reducing the sound for America's army. Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Communication. Then press Do Nothing. Then Apply and OK.
I'm an admin, how do I forceclass weapons to all players?
Assist comes with a nifty in-game mod that allows you to forceclass weapons by typing "afc" in the console. For example: "afc m9" would give all players in the server a m9 Pistol.
How do I register a new account? Battletracker is down!
You can register a new account:here
How do I change my account password? Battletracker is down!
You can reset your password: here
How do I change my in game name? Battletracker is down!
You can change your name: here
There is an issue downloading and installing the game. What do I do?
There may be some problem with downloading stuff from the SourceForge Mirror. Run this script: script
America's Army 2.5 Not Found (Windows 10)
It looks like there was an issue downloading the System folder. You can find instructions for this issue: here
Server Configuration Files always overwritten by default file
Inside "System/server", create a blank file and name it: "srv-v8.21". That should stop your server from downloading the server config at every server startup. There will be a more permanent fix to the issue at some point in the future.

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