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Bug Reports / Re: AA3 Ranch bugs
« on: Friday, January 03, 2014, 09:42:29 AM »
After the update i get antipoke mismatch, so i cant open any map.

 Can anyone help?

General Chat / Re: Is AA2 beter than AA4 YES / NO
« on: Sunday, September 22, 2013, 23:25:56 PM »
This is like Comparing Diablo II to Diablo III lol, too much hate :banned:

General Chat / Re: Is AA2 beter than AA4 YES / NO
« on: Monday, September 16, 2013, 10:29:11 AM »
Don't judge a book by it's cover, it is still a work in progres...

 AA2 has far much more unique features than AA4 that is for sure but we have to wait and see what the Devs come up with,.

@ganja that is on HARDCORE servers, but basically you can set your server with your own set of rules get revived once, get shot again full disable and other stuffs.

General Chat / Re: Is AA2 beter than AA4 YES / NO
« on: Monday, September 16, 2013, 09:51:47 AM »
I will start by saying that you cannot compare 2 games that are over 10 years apart from each other.

  I agree with whoever said that the only thing that they have in common is the name, what makes AA2 or AA4 the best game is up to you, wether yuo like AA4 or AA2 the best having said that i will give my 2 cents.

  Before i start i would like to say that this is my personal opinion, any hate post or trolling will be responded with a FCUK OFF.


1-  Great Maps (tactical ones and Rush ones).
2-  Great Gameplay (leaning pronning,lay down, Weapon Jams etc all feels natural to me).
3-  Weapon sounds, looks and feel great.
4-  Ingame sound (foosteps, direction where bullets are fired etc is not so great to me).
5-  Great comunity people here are really friends. (I guess this is for the mature ones).
6-  Many other great things.


1-  Altho there are few weapons in the game they look really good and if you get the hang on them you are pretty much unstopable.
2-  Medic Clasification, altho i call it bullshit because no one can get revived from a HS with a sniper rifle that must crack your head like a watermelon.
3-  Tactical maps like 3 kings if defense plays his cards rigth the objective is unbreachable.
4-  New engine wich is always great.

 I can agree that this new version of AA is nothing like the real deal, or what the US Army show us in previous versions, but i do belive that as the gaem is still a work in progress they will be fixing things and pleasing the cominity.

  Thank you for taking the time to try to understand my poor english.

General Chat / Re: Sai blows.
« on: Monday, August 12, 2013, 22:10:26 PM »
Why does people continue bashing the work of others?

General Chat / Re: Assist moving to 2.8.5?
« on: Sunday, July 07, 2013, 02:27:07 AM »
Any update on this matter?

General Chat / Re: Assist moving to 2.8.5?
« on: Thursday, June 06, 2013, 20:00:35 PM »
thanks for the reply spanky, i am to lazy to look for it will you link me...

General Chat / Re: Assist moving to 2.8.5?
« on: Thursday, June 06, 2013, 16:24:37 PM »
Mind my asking, is this evere going to happend?

Media & Art / Re: Funny Pic. in Game
« on: Thursday, June 06, 2013, 16:23:41 PM »
I saw my share back in the day! even got a signature made with one of then lol those days where aersome..

General Chat / Re: Assist moving to 2.8.5?
« on: Tuesday, May 07, 2013, 16:43:58 PM »
What would happend to some of us like me that still have the 2.8.5 install in my pc? will you sert a "find" button on the assist?

Games & Programming / Re: Do you play games other than America's Army?
« on: Monday, April 15, 2013, 09:15:23 AM »
BF3 and Leage of Legends

General Chat / Re: aao-opfor-camo
« on: Wednesday, March 06, 2013, 06:26:52 AM »
How i miss the good old days.. :(

Bug Reports / Re: Graphic glitches
« on: Saturday, November 17, 2012, 01:06:56 AM »
that is not a glitch one of your gpu is dying... i had that before.

General Chat / Re: Update, has there been, will there be?
« on: Friday, November 02, 2012, 14:38:23 PM »
Oh wait that was one of the 2 objectives wasn't it?

Bring old players back
Bring new players

Mission completed  :up:

  Still missing the point of what this game really was, a very accurate warfare simulator, not an RPG fiesta.

 I know you are going to talk about mAAp but let me get ahead. I only like the pipeline maap, and a few made really realistic like square...

A lot of people that were playing when this thing started left because AA went right back to the crap it was before auth went down. People just want to play on stupid modded servers all the time. We had to struggle to get a normal server populated. I don't want to load up Urban Assault  just to get hit by a bunch of 203s because everyone chooses SF. It's stupid. Making modded servers non-honor could be a fix, but I doubt that will ever happen, and no, not because pit isn't going to update it, but because we would have a ton of people bitch about it they they ever did decide to do it.

  I hear you killaman modded servers should be moderated i would like to play regular weapons from time to time. i got blow up today playing UA, it was not cool at all.

  As i don't really care who this pit is and if he updates the assist/servers, i would have to host my own UA server with no mods. i just hope people will join. i know that if you play the game you would.

General Chat / Re: Update, has there been, will there be?
« on: Friday, November 02, 2012, 10:06:19 AM »
I belive this is going out of hand..

 If anyone belives that you are doing a great job keep it up, but if peole bitch about what you do, take a hard look inside maybe you are doing things the wrong way!

 I started playing againg but all i can see is new people.....

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