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denied activation
« on: Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 10:21:03 AM »
hy ppl!

My friend from real life make new account and he got denied activation.
He played AAO before 2-3 year i think with his account zrle1 butt he cant remember pass or email where he reg that account!
was a long time he do that then he quit with game!
So he make new one before 5-7 days zrle2 and got denied activation!
Hes noob for forums and dont know eng so i post for him!
I barely gett him back to game so we can kidding and play togheter and now he cant!
So what he muss do to play this game?

I can garantee for him he dont have any other account u can track it when u like!

se ya around ppl thx

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Re: denied activation
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 11:27:51 AM »
I declined the account at first, because it seems you logged in at his place on your account and then created his own and thus it looked like a second account.

I now activated his account seeing as you usually played (and keep on playing after visiting him) on a different computer.

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Re: denied activation
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 11:39:58 AM »
thx buddy!

yes its true i go his home help him make new battletracker account!
when we log into aa 2.5 assist says he mus waith for aprove admin!
so i putt my account info to give him bit time for play to see he still remember how to play!
was laugh and drinkin coffe until he died like crazy XD

once again thx budd i go phone him he will be really happy.

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Re: denied activation
« Reply #3 on: Thursday, March 06, 2014, 19:45:27 PM »
alguien sabe como instalar aao en una mac? paso a paso?


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