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Ban me from Assist
« on: Saturday, March 04, 2023, 18:20:12 PM »
My assist account needs to be banned and I will also now be shutting down my servers with the following IP's
because the server name is offensive to the AA Community even though it refers to me and my friends who came up with the name

but that is fine I will find another game to play with our name
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Re: Ban me from Assist
« Reply #1 on: Saturday, March 04, 2023, 18:24:39 PM »
Oh yeah oops Ban my friend Stacy aswell do something with both these Assist Accounts

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Re: Ban me from Assist
« Reply #2 on: Saturday, March 04, 2023, 21:08:25 PM »
Why would you shut down your servers because of some needle dick's????

Who are they to tell you to change your name of server.....

Bring them back up

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Re: Ban me from Assist
« Reply #3 on: Sunday, March 05, 2023, 04:05:34 AM »
No my servers are gone I am not going to play this game anymore as for them telling me to play AAPG I don't really care for it as I miss playing this version of the game but you know I wont even bother anymore they want to be assholes then that's fine they can kill the game by being assholes then cause I wont come back I just talked my friends out of making accounts because of LGC.

I also Deleted Assist and all files associated with it

So my server named Friggin Uncontrollable Idiots | EU | Map Rotation was really what pissed them off like really.

I might aswell wipe my entire PC at this Point I am so annoyed/pissed over a fucking server name
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