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oh my god thanks for the memories. i used to play this :D

Honor Claims / Re: Honor Claim - barbar
« on: Thursday, May 25, 2023, 20:13:21 PM »

nice to see it is possible to get the old honor lvl back.

Name: barbar
Clan: GMA
Honor: 100

how did you find this? i could only prove my honor with xfire to level 80 which was half what i actually had :(

News / Re: [BETA] Gaining honor and honor claims
« on: Thursday, May 18, 2023, 17:41:13 PM »
hooah! this will have me playing more

thanks for the memories! started playing around 1.1 :D

General Chat / Re: LGC - Lets Go Canadia
« on: Monday, October 17, 2022, 23:01:54 PM »
cringe post

AA Support / Re: Idle Kick Bug
« on: Friday, July 01, 2022, 20:33:52 PM »
When this bug happens for me i type reconnect until the round starts and it wont kick me(only had it happen once but the reconnect worked.

General Chat / Re: America's Army 2 Remake - Army Ops in development
« on: Wednesday, June 01, 2022, 15:54:15 PM »
Anyone actually playing this? I just downloaded and see no players

The Lounge / Re: Anyone else miss the way things used to be?
« on: Tuesday, April 04, 2017, 15:25:43 PM »
I for sure miss the old days, I downloaded when v1.3 came out and played religiously until 2.8.5.

I miss the old twl and clan matches, the option of many servers on all the levels. I miss how the community used to be :(

AA Support / Re: Critical Errors won't let me play
« on: Thursday, February 23, 2017, 14:25:15 PM »
I tried RESET + REPAIR AA in the assist menu and it seems to have fixed. weird?

AA Support / Critical Errors won't let me play
« on: Thursday, February 23, 2017, 14:11:28 PM »
Hey guys I've been playing on assist on and off for the last few years and just today i launched a game and my laptop restarted immediately. I reloaded up windows and aao assist only to find that i am getting critical erorrs everytime i try to launch a game.

Here is the report:

 Build AmericasArmy_Build_[2004-06-01_02.01.01]

OS: Windows NT 6.1 (Build: 7600)
CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2496 MHz with 1023MB RAM
Video: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (4358)

Failed to enter Invalid URL: Entry.aao

History: UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 706D7564 0 FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 0*2 <- FMallocWindows::Free

I am going to try and reinstall but im hoping there isnt a greater problem here.

General Chat / Re: Close the shout box
« on: Sunday, May 29, 2016, 19:52:10 PM »
I agree, or at least ban those who miss use it. Nothing wrong with some shit talking but it seems to be far from that.

Drama & Spam / Re: AUTH temporary down
« on: Saturday, April 30, 2016, 02:33:50 AM »
It appeared to be going down every 10-15 minutes for the whole day, I've been playing for 40 minutes currently and no interruptions.

Support / Re: Banned for unknown reason
« on: Friday, February 26, 2016, 17:40:25 PM »
Thanks! Good to go  :style:

Support / Banned for unknown reason
« on: Friday, February 26, 2016, 17:09:58 PM »
Hey guys I've never had this problem before but today after playing for several hours i tried to join [BIG.] Clan Europe server on SF Hospital and as soon as i got into the server it said i was banned for a login error. I managed to read it quickly before i was kicked and it looked like it was only going to be a 1 day ban but on trying to join back it said permanent. Please help, thanks.

News / Re: Summer Splash screen competition
« on: Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 15:35:57 PM »
Sounds pretty neat, too bad im shit at graphic design. Look forward to seeing some of the entries.

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