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General Chat / What ports to open?
« on: Wednesday, August 05, 2015, 14:17:32 PM »
Using windows server manager, title is self explanatory, can you guys give me what specific ports needed to be opened in order to run server online, this is for testing only purpose.

So the idea came after reading scrim cup thread and thought of if it's possible to have more than 2 teams in the game. Let's say when you have to choose a team between assault and defense, is it possible to add 2 more teams? Like 3rd team would be reinforcements for one team and another option reinforcements for other team. Each team would have about 5-6 slots and only available if server admins wished to put this into their server and only available in cups or even in normal mode I wouldn't mind, would it be possible to mess around with this kind of idea or would this require full source code?

Feedback & Suggestions / Player base dropping, new features needed?
« on: Saturday, July 25, 2015, 14:26:18 PM »
I believe that the game player base is dropping not because it's spring but because the game has no changes inside game play and lack of features. I know that you guys are limited to coding as you have no source but updating frequently is important. At the moment all updates coming to the client which I believe is not needed at all. The devs should concentrate adding new game components because the game has nothing new to offer. The game uses the same gun's, same strategy and has nothing new for new players. The game becomes really boring after some time therefore I believe it doesn't attract new player. Other games coming out and beating this so badly and it will be that way but at least this game could move up a bit. You only guys rely on veterans in this game and when they leave who will play the game? Game changes needed and should be priority. A list should be made what can and cannot be added. I know Eliz spoke about AI, Im not sure where that went, it would be good to know if it's possible to add and if Eliz looked into it. I know Eliz is the only coder and we can only rely on him but the game will definitely die if it's not updated frequently.

Feedback & Suggestions / Revive option added as in AAPG?
« on: Saturday, July 25, 2015, 14:12:34 PM »
I really like the revive features in AAPG. It gives realistic input in the game and the feature give's different strategy components. I know it's difficult to code without a source but it doesn't have to be fancy. I'm not sure if you guys capable of doing but it definitely would input a great strategy points in the game, even if you would take 2.8 revive option, I liked it because there were certain parts where you had to heal. Being medic is a strong role to play and I thought of adding this so the game has something new to offer since the average player base now dropped to about 50 - 60 people a day. Maybe it if was just a simple Bar that makes progress to revive someone.

Feedback & Suggestions / Killcams
« on: Wednesday, June 03, 2015, 10:43:46 AM »
The idea literally came after reading shoutbox complains about aimboters or exploiters so my idea is it possible to make a kill cam? After being killed you see a cam showing a person how he killed you, you could always skip the cam if you don't want to watch it, because most of the new games have this feature to recognize more cheaters.

Hope the idea could be implemented into the game with the support of players.

Maybe by adding poll into the assist would be a good start and of course if it's possible to do that.

Drama & Spam / AA assist shoutbox unfairness
« on: Wednesday, June 03, 2015, 03:59:00 AM »
There is something you are overlooking, just because you dont see someone doesnt mean you cant hit them, not as enjoyable as looking them in the eyes before putting one in their head but effective nonetheless, i repeat, this runswithbears cock was in full knowledge of what he was doing and was taunting the player that was complaining, hes fully aware of what hes doing, im not called tim, had an account named tim something or whatever for my time with igc but that time was just like a short fling with aac's mom :)

I was scrolling shoutbox and apparently batfink thought so funny to go on my mom joke for no reason and his comment and ban has not been gifted? just my ban? wow nice going assist, like i thought, this community is nothing but a very big joke.

Drama & Spam / SB Drama
« on: Monday, November 03, 2014, 12:39:27 PM »
Okay, you can go against me now. I throw some things for all of you to think about it.

1. You are running assist illegally, the project is illegal and you can hate me for saying that, I have been in RM board for a while to know that.

2. You implemented features to the game illegally, you have made your ''own'' rules illegally since it's not your game. Where do I stop?

3. You are planning to ''force'' use to ban us from shoutboox. You have made bunch of rules on your ''own''.

4. If you saying freedom of expression, opinion or speech doesn't exist on internet so that means rules and any other ''legit'' stuff doesn't exist since it's internet.

In relation to freedom of expression, the protection concerns individuals, right to hold
and express opinions, hence oppose the system.

The many
commercial elements of Internet co-exist with both personal/private means of
communication and a public sphere, which provide individuals with essentially new
means of expressing themselves, seeking information, meeting, debating, and potentially
opposing the system.

The freedom gives citizens the right to criticise the
government and form opposition.
(I can put more bullet points how my freedom of speech is protected, how I can criticise the system of form and so on, don't start throwing your fucking rules that are not legit.

7. Every country has it's own rules, it's own protection of speech, think about where you live and have a read about it.

8. If someone can't handle what I say, they can call a layer and I would still win.

9. You throwing your ''strong basis, I will throw them back, like I told you, I know what I am legit to do or not and I know what you can do or not since In talk to all (admin team that runs this game).

10. Your own rules and TOS does not stand above the law.

11. Internet is virtual life and should not be taken seriously, this is not physical attack by any means nor I integrate with anyone here.

Think about what you are doing ''legit'' and what you are doing now to prevent us from saying whatever we want.

P.S Have teachers in school haven't told you to not seek information on wikipedia? Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, lel, not surprised the college I go to, doesn't allow us to take any information from wikipedia.

Wikipedia says, We do not expect you to trust us. It adds that it is not a primary source and that because some articles may contain errors, you should not use Wikipedia to make critical decisions.

Furthermore, as Wikipedia notes in its,About section, Users should be aware that not all articles are of encyclopaedic quality from the start: they may contain false or debatable information.

Feedback & Suggestions / Sound of the weapons
« on: Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 11:50:12 AM »
I looked at youtube and some of the guns fire differently. Can gun sounds be modified or does it require source code? It would be awesome if the gun firing sound could be updated that it is used nowdays. I think AAPG have updated guns sound, just an idea to make game more realistic with the sound that you want to hear as you would be in the real battlefield. :)


Drama & Spam / Something new played on AA:) (spankies map)
« on: Saturday, July 12, 2014, 12:37:10 PM »

General Chat / Warning: Teamspeak Hacking 04/07/14
« on: Thursday, July 03, 2014, 20:26:52 PM »
Hey guys, just jumped in to say that there are guys who hacking teamspeaks at the moment. They hack server queries, everything, they can do fuck everything, it doesn't even show server admin status on them.

They are albanians, well thats where they come from and thats the flag shown on them. They pretend to be one of your clan mates and asks for admin server on ts, then boom you hacked and all channels changed.

IGC ts got hacked today, the guy came with clan members name and asked for admin status because he was apparently on Ipod, he got admin status, kicked everyone, with 1 second changed everything in the channel, they had counter strike logo so they must came out from there.

Anyway, our ts is hacked and don't know how things work from there but just warning guys, dont give the hell admin status to anyone:)

Good night:P

Some ss:P

They hacked head hunters ts too :/

Feedback & Suggestions / SF hospital Suggestions
« on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 11:27:43 AM »
So, I got a few suggestions that were said by a lot of players and I will mention them here.

1. Remove the 203...seriously we AA players been asking this for ages and I have no freaking idea why nothing has been done about it...shouldn't be hard to remove 203... can I have full explanation why this is not changed? Tired of being blown up, escort doesn't even have a chance to get inside hospital to help vip as it allows ambush players to reach and hunt vip faster. It should be clear and open combat in open field without 203...NOW 203 is used in hospital...seriously? I mean in hospital...people have no skill using 203 and why use in hospital? not a freaking realistic gameplay to me... The skill is about the aim and instincts, reactions in open field with a rifle not 203...

2. Replace sf gun to m4 or rifle. Sf is a scoped gun and has so many advantages and requires no skill to kill someone, I think sf should be replaced with sniper like svd or something else for people that goes on roof. Well for me its really fine, sf could stay but changing weapon would be more suitable and would require more skill to kill someone.

3. Change vip idea, idk yet what would be great but its kinda awkward and too easy for ambush to kill vip, maybe some kind of briefcase would be ok as ares said. It is unbalanced because for ambush it is easier:)

Hopefully everyone agrees in some changes to hospital:)

Also the assist poll section is never used once again so I was thinking maybe ask people what they think about this idea:)

General Chat / Community
« on: Saturday, April 26, 2014, 11:49:30 AM »
First of all i am not raging out on anyone here but i am here to tell you all couple points i made out over a few weeks, months and years.

First thing i would like to talk about is ''our'' anti cheat tool. We all knows what its capable off, but it has weaknesses. I am sad to say this but our loved ''admins'' relay more on anti cheat tool than on community voice. I don't know why community is ignored by admins. I mean community plays this game, not a single admin puts so much dedication in the game action. There is some respect to admins such as eliz who works on assist for free and always finds time to develop it. To repeat this message I have not seen once that admins would trust or agree with community on background checks. This goes to the recent topics about zibi and kechup. I am also sure that diesel also uses macro and like half of players, and it is ''one'' i repeat, one of the biggest advantages right now against people who simply cant afford or dont know how to use macro. Thats why anti cheat has weaknesses, it cant catch everything and there is always things that will be undetectable. Admins don't play much like normal players do, maybe they played, years ago or months but community should be in the first place for AAO.

Second point is that we complain about less people. Yes, you're very right about this. I am not sure why we talk about maps or training in the way to bring back more players. I have played AA for a month non stop and now got bored, not because i have dropped my support to assist but because i am bored. Now i say this; if we are not to change game play, tactics, maps then dont talk about how our player base drops. Its not hackers or cheaters that ruins the game, but we are ruining it. We saw 200 players online and growing but it has dropped off again to the minimum player base we had previously. If we disable training or some training aspects then we hell sure to see player base activity rise again but it wont be permanently. Years i have offered assist to go on changing tactics, game play but as ''community disagrees'' with this i see no point to blame admins or make them do things that we not agree with. By the way if you want to bring more players and not to ruin our loved game, we need to fix it ourselves, starting with being nice to each other and unite as community.

Third thing is that the assist poll isn't used much at all. I mean the future aspects of the game should be questioned by community in poll section. As we still have the same question over random spawns we could change it and start asking and placing bits right way. It should be used more often, and it feel to me that that bit is forgotten a lot where i see the only best future we have to communicate with players.

Last problem i see is ''oldschool'' players. I am not going to rage on them or threaten or hurt them by any means but I am saying some facts what i see currently. As you may agree or not agree oldschool players will never want changes, they wont be giving you a chance to change game a bit. What I offered not long ago was random spawns, all i got was negative feedback but, as we see the poll section (answers) it makes me believe that it would be great idea, which i believe and spanky would be a great aspect of the game. Old school player will never want changes, and now we got likely more oldschool players than new players. I don't understand why we want to bring old schoo players back? is it because they are good and skilful? The game should be open to everyone and the main objective should be to bring new players, not old players that have families or businesses to take care of, our latest hope is new members, young member snot old members. Sure we can gain experience from them but thats just all we can get from them.

My last conclusion on all this is that we all blame admins for not doing their job, but its us who is not doing our job, we are split, we are not community and we are not united, and it will never be, because people likes people who they know, its a bit of first view discrimination in all sense. Admins dont relay more on our word but relay on tool that it is runned as a software. I see these points like in political view as we are not worth anything and higher ranked people are more smarter and have more power than others. We ll should be equal and finally the game is not going to move until we start thinking and start progressing in changing tactics, gameplay, a bit map structure and so on. There is lots to do but we say ''NO'' to that so in other words blame ourselves.

Background Checks / -]Kz.RussiaN+
« on: Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 18:01:42 PM »
Please check him?

Also how do you change your BT flag? It was used to be israel and now its US, sharing account?

Background Checks / 79TH
« on: Wednesday, February 05, 2014, 07:23:05 AM »
He has weird shots. Really strange player.

Just to place him on the watch list.

Bug Reports / AA3_Pipeline Bug Reports
« on: Thursday, January 02, 2014, 16:28:21 PM »
I don't know, it looks unrealistic to me, so i though i throw an opinion. Its up to spanky and eliz if they wan't this changing.

In AA2 version you used to jump on the ledge to jump down, but on AA3 pipe you can just run on it which is a bit of advantage of speed.

Here is what I mean, this includes to all 2nd floor:

And I think this is what Ganja was talking about where u can throw nade just at the beginning of the round for defensive team. It makes hard to get to the entrance point... There are more windows on the roof, can all of the be covered?

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