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Paitilla Airfield map
« on: Saturday, October 25, 2014, 05:12:54 AM »
I'm attaching map that I made for the AA2 few years ago, when the Mission Editor was released and the Mission Depot project was on board. It is map from an airfield environment inspired by real mission called Operation JUST CAUSE executed by NAVY SEALS. You can read more about this mission at

Maybe someone can be interested in this map so here it is!AhJnzqn3SzUSsimJbdUUSWGL4mtJ?e=3tI39m. I'm not sure about the necessity of conversion to 2.5 compatibility.

Link to folder with screenshots!AhJnzqn3SzUSsihHhNfNc6xwu_VK?e=L0PD8w
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Re: Paitilla Airfield map
« Reply #1 on: Saturday, October 25, 2014, 07:12:15 AM »
Looks nice! :)

What's the objective?

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Re: Paitilla Airfield map
« Reply #2 on: Saturday, October 25, 2014, 07:39:40 AM »
Its a very big map we played it whit around 8 players   alot running and finding nice map , but I like almost all coops 
If you like those  the old day`s here you can see some more .
its not realy possible to bring them into Assist.
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Re: Paitilla Airfield map
« Reply #3 on: Saturday, October 25, 2014, 09:00:43 AM »
Looks nice! :)

What's the objective?

There are placed some airport stuffs, randomly one of them (decided on the beginning of the round, so you see him on the map) has information about the last two functional helicopters on the airfield. After you get to and interrogate this one person, you will receive information about two randomly chosen location of helicopters. You have to get to this choppers and disable them. This is role of the attacking team that starts in the hotel area.
The defend team starts on the opposite side of the airfield and have to prevent to attacking team to reach the mission goal.
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Re: Paitilla Airfield map
« Reply #4 on: Saturday, October 25, 2014, 12:33:48 PM »
I'm impressed. It's kind of a shame we don't have the interrogate feature in 2.5, that would make for interesting gameplay.
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