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cant edit files in wotgreal
« on: Friday, April 27, 2018, 13:42:14 PM »
so when i open files in WotGreal and there is a blue [p] next to them, i cannot edit these files they are protected/read only and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it, I've had this issue before but i don't remember how i fixed it.

I've tried re setting up my UScript compiling environment from scratch but it doesn't fix the issue.

for now im just using notepa++ but would i would rather use WotGreal.
 also i cant seem to compile Engine to add a few missing variables, UMake freezes at "Importing Defaults for xPrivilegeBase"

i never had an issue compiling Engine before, this is the first time i'm working with unrealscript since i moved to windows 10 from windows 7 although i wouldn't think that would be an issue.
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