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q.Gaming is recruiting!
« on: Monday, December 24, 2012, 18:58:45 PM »
Hello soldiers,

q.Gaming is looking for some active players!
The clan itself is brand new, with old and new AA players.

Our requirements:
- Must speak English/Dutch
- Preferably with a mic
- Skype (We communicate via skype regarding the easiest and cheapest way for all our members)
- Regularly come online (For full-time employees that will not always be expected!)

What we offer:
- A 20 player server tracked
- Cosy clan members young and old

We stand for fun in gaming, this signifies that we have not only to think but just kills the fun in the game itself.

Does it seem like your doing to join us in the clan, leave a message on the forum, visit our server or even add jingweiftw on skype!


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