Author Topic: Any US clans recruiting?  (Read 1958 times)

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Any US clans recruiting?
« on: Monday, December 03, 2012, 11:41:32 AM »
So I just found out about 2.5 assist saturday. Haven't played for like 6 years but extremely excited to start playing again. My fav map is def Weapons Cache. Ive noticed that the only populated server for Weapons Cache is foriegn server ;(. Ping above 140 its really annoying to play. Any clans from us enjoy same server looking for members?

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Re: Any US clans recruiting?
« Reply #1 on: Monday, December 03, 2012, 20:05:24 PM »
Known-7hreat plays WC quite often.

We are a Team, not a clan..

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Re: Any US clans recruiting?
« Reply #2 on: Monday, December 03, 2012, 23:05:07 PM »
82nd run multiple servers, we don't specifically play WC but we have servers you can change map to what ever you want with modded weapons or normal weapons the choice is yours.

Our main map is a modded pipeline that is active at least 18 hours a day if not more.

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Re: Any US clans recruiting?
« Reply #3 on: Saturday, December 08, 2012, 17:15:52 PM »

Third Infantry Division
Realism Gaming Unit

The Rock of the Marne is recruiting dedicated soldiers for:
Americas Army 2.5 gameplay, Americas Army 3 gameplay and Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead!

The Third Infantry Division
Offers several different options for soldiers to look into:
-US Army Rank Structure
-US Army Chain of Command
-Leadership Skills
-Active Website
-Active Gaming Server
-Regular Operations within the Unit
-Many more!

The Third Infantry Division
Welcomes all soldiers, but we to require:
- Xfire account
- Teamspeak 3
- Frequent activity online and ingame
- Ability to be mature and follow orders/chain of command
- Age 16+

Interested? Please visit
Third Infantry Division!
If you come join for AA2.5 mark that you are joining for AA2 and someone will get to your app asap

SPC D.Pelerine
Xfire - Pelerine739
Recruiting and Retention Office NCOIC
Third Infantry Division

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Re: Any US clans recruiting?
« Reply #4 on: Friday, March 07, 2014, 21:42:30 PM »
}{-HeadHunters-}{ come check us out usually have ic map running on server. server based out of ga.


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