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AAO25 Forum Rules
« on: Wednesday, July 04, 2012, 14:46:16 PM »
These are the forum rules in which every member is to abide by. No exceptions.

-No trolling
If your sole intention is to annoy others, you will not be welcome here.

-No Off-topic posting
Keep everything on topic in the regular forum, we have a section where you can spam away.

-No Flaming
We will not tolerate in any shape or form: harassing, threatening, intimidating, or flaming, of any member of this site, by anyone, be they a guest or a private member. At no time will deliberate disrespect towards others be tolerated! All members and visitors are allowed to have a say and/or opinion here and bashing, flaming, disrespecting, insulting will not be allowed. This specifically includes remarks regarding someone's race, religion, skin color, gender or sexual preference. Also, please think about your humor. What is funny to one may be deeply offensive to another.

-No posting of illegal content
This is pretty self explanatory. Don't post anything illegal, like warez or links to illegal torrents. If you're not sure if it's legal or not, just don't post it.

Any violation of these rules will result in the deletion of your post and a warning. In the event of repeat offenders, temporary suspensions will be issued based on severity.

First offense: Warning / Infraction.

Second offense: Temporary forum ban (length of ban to be determined by by staff based on severity of the offense and/or repeated history of committing this or other offenses).

Third offense: Permanent forum ban.

Our goal is to keep the forums clean and the discussions respectful.


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