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Important Information for Linux Users !!!
« on: Tuesday, June 07, 2016, 16:20:19 PM »
For all those who are using Americas Army on Linux and can't minimize the game here's the Solution:

Code: [Select]
"Ctrl + Alt + Enter"- To Minimize or Maximize the AA Window
"Ctrl + Alt + G" - To Get Your Mouse Back

Explanation: If you press "Ctrl + Alt + Enter", Americas Army will be switched into the Window-Mode / Fullscreen-Mode but your mouse cursor disappeared. To get your cursor back you finally need to press "Ctrl + Alt + G". If you want to get back into the game just press "Ctrl + Alt + Enter" to obtain into Fullscreen again.
Et VoilĂ   :style: :up: it works.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

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