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Account Recovery Possibility?
« on: Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 18:59:00 PM »
Any possibility to get the AA account associated with this account [HRL]Bandito recovered. I tried using the assist account reset password tool but I get "Something went wrong! No username or email.[HRL]Bandito"

Still have access to the original email as it should be the one associated with this forum account. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think I might of accidentally just associated a new account Schultzie2497 with this email.

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Re: Account Recovery Possibility?
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday, November 03, 2021, 14:31:16 PM »
There can only ever be one account associated with one email address. If there is already an account under register to an email address, creating a new one will fail.
So since you were able to make a new account under your email (which I see you did), there was no other account under the same email address in our databasse.

With that said, I see there is indeed an account by that name in our database. However, it is not currently tied to an email account.
So if you send me a private message I can add a new email address to that account.

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