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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: The 203 disabled on hospital.
« on: Thursday, December 04, 2014, 14:22:06 PM »
Removing and changing the weapons just cause you dont like is lame. Hospital was fine as it was. Now you cant 203 WW roof, the escort side can easily smoke underpass and vip can just rush outside without worrying to be blown up. Its fucking retarded.
Why dont you remove the G from bridge crossing too? omg i got blown up in first 20 seconds please remove im trash at this game and cant use brain to take cover from obvius spots that get spamed with g at start..

devs reduced the amount of 203 shells from initial 7 to 3, cant remember the year exactly. that was quiet a good change for the bridge-gameplay, also for mountain pass etc.
i think changes to encourage a gameplay based on teamwork to be successfull is the right way. i like it, if u have different options as a team. in my opinion reducing the amount of sf-guns with 203 drastically and adding a few normal grenades in the mix (for example for the if-guys) could have also been a solution to revive gameplay...

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: The 203 disabled on hospital.
« on: Tuesday, October 07, 2014, 14:02:03 PM »
change is needed and forcing also.
to mix things up a bit, consider also changes outside of maps. f.e. a sidechange after some rounds etc.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: The 203 disabled on hospital.
« on: Saturday, October 04, 2014, 13:34:46 PM »
the only way to live this game up again, is to get the veterans out of their comfort zone and make it easier and challenging for new ppl, so they stay with the game. but it might already be to late for changes...
because most of nowadays players are exactly these routine/comfort zone ones, which get rapidly aggressive, if u take them out of there  :P

General Chat / Re: Porting AI to 2.5 (Lost topic mergendice)
« on: Sunday, August 31, 2014, 11:03:36 AM »
Not true at all. Pipeline is the easiest map to play assault on, it's just that people are retarded. You need 2 things. Pressure on Main entrance, and cover north side entrance and north outside. I could take main and breach it with 3 people. Once inside main entrance you can sit whereever you want, I'll still breach it.

u can do that, but most players cant. maybe the main problem is, that most of the good players play only 1 side - defence.

of course a good ass team can demolish def on a full server. but how often does that happen -  1/100(0) ? most of the time the player-constellations are in favor of defence and egoistic aspects like fragrate etc. dominate nowadays...

General Chat / Re: Porting AI to 2.5 (Lost topic mergendice)
« on: Saturday, August 23, 2014, 20:01:20 PM »
i would do the opposite. make playerslots smaller, more crowded servers, maybe more maps are played.
as someone stated already, pipeline is unplayable with 26 slots. ass team has no chance to get in the building and gets rushed all the time, then players leave the server.
most of the maps are not construed for more than 20 slots. even hospital is no fun with all these 203's flying around...
smaller servers would even help new players to get in the game, etc etc

General Chat / Re: GameSpy Servers Shutting Down in May
« on: Friday, May 30, 2014, 09:18:48 AM »
Tracker was always one of the cancers to the game, i've been saying since the first day i touched assist to quit it besides some of the best players of AA2 never cared about tracker, just find a way to keep up the points because people like to have a goal, that should be enough.

it depends on what focus or aim u have. a competitive player cares about his team and the success in the leagues. most of the pub players, like nowadays, in a team or not, care about egoistic things like fragrate, points, rewards, statistics. they dont care if their side (ass/def on pub) wins the round/match or not. only a few ppl are left, who find that important and put their focus on teamwork. the real fun-players are really just a few. the focus to have fun, also needs some aims, egoistic or teambased. u only have fun, if ur sometimes successfull in any way.

in public play u can feel the pulse of it. the facts that
- only a few maps are played
- a lot play often the same side and spots (defence whoring)
- nearly no objectives are done, killl them all style of play
- very little teamplay or cover eachother
show that egoistic aims are on front.

ppl need aims and goals. so the question is what aims u give them. give them aims, which stimulates or asks for teamplay. take some gameaspects out, which are reasons for egoistic gameplay. statistics are always there, thats not the reason for this. the game has to be designed the way, that u can only be successfull and have a good statistic with a strong teamwork.

in my opinion aapg goes in the right direction. there u have a implemented map-rotation, automatic side-change, always first-person-view, a strong medic-system with reviving which is a keypoint for teamwork and a big reward system, etc.

tracker is still needed, otherwise u will lose most players soon. numbers are already fallen drastically, u can see that on tracker-page. try to change some aspects of the game, not the gameplay itself of course, to strenghten the teamplay and spirit of the game. give ppl some new aims and rewards in that sense. compare to other games nowadays like bf etc., they have hundreds of rewarding coins and stuff, why?

Clans, Matches & Scrims / Re: Do we want a competitive league for AAO 2.5?
« on: Sunday, May 11, 2014, 11:54:03 AM »
The only thing I dislike from DESBL at this point is that they do not listen to the community when picking maps.

I mean I dont know many teams who enjoy playing recon for example, I'd rather have mountain ambush, border, mountain pass (SE), river basin, so many better long distance maps to choose from :P.

since 2007 desbl (earlier aabl) always had the full mappool with all official maps, which was approved by the community. at the moment there is no community left. there are also no discussions in the forum, because most teams are not german-speaking anymore.

key of their success was the bundesliga-system and to be close to the community. most clans wanted to have fun and not a high level competition. thats why there are all these rules: spamrules etc., list of disallowed bugs, also fastswap was not allowed. like that, all the fun-clans had a chance to compete on a fairplay-basis. thats also why the aa-section of this league survived as long...

changing it, will only make it die sooner than all the other inconsistent projects.

General Chat / Re: Community
« on: Sunday, May 04, 2014, 07:59:16 AM »
You can not expect from us to force players to play on the way we want. If they like their maps, so be it. But we can try to encourage them to play other maps as well.

For the rotation part, I actually like that idea. But forcing people to play other maps against their will is a no-go for me.

Calling it a resignation from our side is a bit too easy said imo. It's just the problem that we have to be careful with our decisions as well, I still remember a decision in the past with good intentions that almost shut down the whole project. And I don't want to lose anybody from the current playerbase either, since there are many players which still enjoy this game daily the way it is now.

Another question I would like to ask, why would the project die when the same maps are being played, and how would providing more maps to be played stop the game from dying? What is the relationship between these 2? Because I don't see it. I see most of the younger audience as people who do not like waiting a lot. What would cater them is respawns, fast rounds, run & gun, and I do not see that fit with this game either. How would more long distance maps save the game when most people do not have the patience to play that map in a decent way?

I would like to see some arguments with that instead of loose suggestions because the game will die otherwise.

aapg has or had (dont know, played it in the beginning only) also a rotation principle, as other games also do. a lot of things get forced, the question is always what and how. does it help us or not? if u dont risk something, u gain nothing. if u only make preservation than innovation and invest something, ur project will prabably fail in the future.

if the same maps are being played, u have like a monoculture, which is really fragile. people get bored and stop playing. im sure lots of them would play other similar maps, but is there a possiblity to? if other maps are being put together, that have a similar playing style and also community, they will probably stay on the server and also play the next map.
lets take urban assault for example. if u are a regular urban-player, i think u would appreciate it, to also play some tunnel and mout. the playing style is similar and the community a few years ago was probably one.
a hospital-player would probably also play maps like csar, extraction, courtyard, village etc.
this would only be a slight forcing...

with more maps played on a regular basis monomap-players of other maps could be reattracted and kept staying. of course this is only a theory or assumption, practice has to show.

General Chat / Re: Community
« on: Sunday, May 04, 2014, 06:50:42 AM »
i see resignation everywhere, especially of the dev-side, which suites the stagnation and sinking playerbase.

unless u can provide more maps to be played on a regular basis, this project is dying.
with the rotation set people can expect, if they open assist, to play at least 10-12 of the most popular maps in army-history in a short timeframe. to play once in a week another map for an evening is nice, but wont change anything in the big picture.

General Chat / Re: Community
« on: Saturday, May 03, 2014, 05:35:43 AM »
So let me put some suggestions in the direction the discussion was heading to. I think that more control from above is needed, but not to much.

-  next to official servers, devs could certify private servers to official ones, if
            - there is a good and strong admin moderation
         - server is respected by the community
       - no more than 2 servers of a party
       - follow an official ruleset by the devs

- only official und certified servers should be tracked

- in the ruleset only these map-rotations are allowed:

       1. SF Hospital - SF CSAR
       2. Bridge Crossing - Mountain Pass
       3. Pipeline - Pipeline SF - Insurgent Camp
       4. Urban Assault - Collapsed Tunnel - MMK
       5. SF Extraction - SF Courtyard - SF Oasis
       6. Weapons Cache - WC SE - Dusk
       7. SF Dockside - SF Sandstorm - SF PCR - SF Blizzard
       8. SF Village - SF Arctic - SF Taiga - SF Water Treatment
        9. Headquaters Raid - JRTC Farm - Swamp Raid
      10. Mountain Ambush - River Basin - Woodland Outpost
      11. SF Recon - Radio Tower - Mountain Pass SE - Bridge SE
      12. 285 - Maps
      13. AA3 - Maps
      14. Maap
        I tried to make the groups small and similar playing style, so it is not that hard for all
        hospital  and bridge-junkies. ppl, that play regularly one map of a group, often also play 
        the others. nothing is absolute, other solutions are also possible...

- in the ruleset a few more things should be implemented like
   - first person view only for all official and certified/tracked servers
   - global banlist
   - only allow to play the maps classic style
   - .

some other suggestions for the project:
- implement a rewarding system for playing different maps with icons (like donator-icon), similar to the tracker-rankingsystem
- implement aa-watcher into assist for more playing-convenience and less afk

General Chat / Re: Community
« on: Sunday, April 27, 2014, 07:34:12 AM »
This post annoys me for two reasons.
First, our staff is completely voluntary. What is done is what Eliz can get done or wants to do. You're not paying for the game, expecting him to do a bunch of stuff not knowing his situation is ridiculous. You also have to understand that there is a limit to what we can change. We do not have access to the source code, so pretty much everything done has to be a mod over top of the game.
Second, where are your small game changing suggestions? We try to listen to the community as best we can, but you can't complain about something you want done not being done when you never suggested it in the first place.

i know u are all voluntary but u also make the decisions and take the responsibility.

read the 70 posts i made in the last 3 years on this board, all are suggestions. in the threads i made them, are even more suggestions.
dev-team needs a vision in which direction u want to develop the project and than slowly do it and communicate it. i dont see any visions, ideas etc. from the dev-side nor any direction were heading to. eliz is a great technocrat, but where are the project-leaders with the bigger idea behind?

i dont want to make u look bad, but want to make u move...

and ac is really not the problem, its one of the things u do really great.

General Chat / Re: Community
« on: Saturday, April 26, 2014, 19:59:07 PM »
to my mind dev-team is so uninspired. small things could change a lot and take players out of their comfortzone. not even a little innovation was risked. instead new maps, new assist, new homepage...nothing substantial. sry to say that.

General Chat / Re: Less players...
« on: Saturday, April 19, 2014, 06:55:48 AM »
i think honor doesnt have the riquered importance anymore. u could make a new classification though, where u need more points for a certain honor, so all the honor 110 are back to 70, 90 to 50, 70 to 40, 50 to 30... in this range....but i dont think that honor really works anymore.

General Chat / Re: Less players...
« on: Friday, April 18, 2014, 14:09:02 PM »
forcing is not good, but u could motivate ppl to play different maps with a rewarding system.

my thesis is:
new people are old people. in ancient army-times every map had their own community. like mountain pass, hqr, radio tower, csar etc.
bigger communities like bridge and hospi still exist, cause the maps get played. i see a lot of these old guys come back and leave again, because their map doesnt get played. if certain maps get played regularly again, they come back to play.
so the aim should be to make sure, all these new "old" players get what they are looking for, the possiblity to play their map. all the new activations dont help untill u make them stay with the game.
with higher numbers of players its easier to provide that and we get in a win-win situation.

Drama & Spam / Re: session history from 2 players - selection of maps played
« on: Sunday, April 13, 2014, 09:48:00 AM »
i think this problem should be solved from above. servers with open slots, forceclass, even without first-person-view should not be tracked.
the problem, that only a few maps are played, could also be solved with an reward icon for example. ppl, who have played more than 50h on 20 different maps, get it...

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