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Background Checks / Vegeta
« on: Saturday, November 16, 2013, 07:01:08 AM »
Subject: Vegeta

I would like to have this player banned or removed

Score 760 000
ROE   520 000

This is an ROE of almost 70 %
Absolutely ridiculous
He permanently teamkills on intention

I am usually not picking on other players but this really pissed me off and I dont need other players trying to educate you by teamkilling or tking out of frustration or boredom or whatever.

It spoils the fun of other players and I ask for this person to be removed or reprimanded

Thank you

Lord-of-War  ;)

News / Re: Welcome back to
« on: Friday, September 13, 2013, 09:47:06 AM »
I think [W]ello3^  is a good player

I really had a good laugh at your profile picture Mike   Is that u and what are you doing there  lmao  really funny

News / Re: Welcome back to
« on: Friday, September 13, 2013, 08:33:08 AM »
Don't understand what all the fuzz is about.Just go back to version 7.4...  whatever and lets play!!!  :up:
People had fun without these anti cheat programs as well.

I think cheaters are being easily spotted by the experienced players and admins can take appropriate steps like kicking, temporarily or even permanent banning.

Too much rocket science also spoils the game and an online game will never be perfect - some smartass will always find a loophole.So dont even attempt to make it perfectly bulletproof.

I hate all this talking from wanna be experts  :rtfm:
Lets get this game online again before it is too late

Thx   :D

News / Re: Closing of Assist - Game Over
« on: Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 07:54:26 AM »
Hi Guys,

I am very sad  :(  to hear about these recent developments.Is this now really the end?What must we all do at night now?
It is very unfair to let down like 5000 + players who have been very loyal to this game - made friendships and invested
thousands of hours of their spare time to patiently get their honors kills and score improved.

If it is only because someone hacked whatever he hacked or because of personal feelings of the creator of assist25 i think this is very selfish and it doesnt justify the shutdown of the whole program.

I think everyone of us is very grateful of what you have done to get this server up and running and the amount of time you spent for all the updates and improvements.Please don't let us down.

I begg you : give us our life back  :D
We all love this game

Please think it over

Lord-of-War  :style:

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