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AA Support / can not connect to - auth down
« on: Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 07:57:01 AM »
hi there

could please someone of the admins look at the auth server. i guess there is a problem.
not possible to connect to to see server list.

and with the messages at shoutbox i guess playing aa2 is not possible at the moment.


Assist Support / banned on [SWISS] server ? - read the solution please
« on: Thursday, May 14, 2015, 08:13:07 AM »
when you are banned at [SWISS] servers, you can get be unbanned very quick.
because you did cause the servers and yourself to be laggy, I did ban you.

every 2 seconds, a communication error is generated while you are in game playing. this will cause you and maybe the server to get laggy.

so far, there is no solution around. but you can help us to find the problem. what we know:
- only Mac computers do cause this error

I will unban you immediately when you will tell me what kind of Mac you do use. I need to know
- version of operating system
- inter version or not

thank you very much for helping us and sorry for the circumstances you have with it.

btw: maybe we need you again then. for a test with more then 2-3 players at the same time. so please do read this thread from time to time. thank you!

Miscellaneous / Play the aa4 Proving Ground Mode at aa2assist
« on: Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 03:58:43 AM »
hi all out there

i would like to give you another possibility to play our beloved game. some of you know it already, some of you maybe not. therefor i will try to explain it.

not so far ago, aa2 had some great scrims and matches, like those at german's e-league. fighting agaist another clan, week by week. today, this is history!

so i did think about a new boost to get a step back to these wonderful days. but how?

first i think, we should get to know this mode - it's called "Tournament Mode". and this is almost the same what is implemented now at aa4 proving ground. why?

- you have several settings to get a nice match like all the alrady known once, but also automatic side swaps after the half of the match
- you can select from many modes like "endex" mode which allowes you to win a match when more then the half of the possible rounds are won
- you have "warmup rounds" befor the match starts to get comfort with the map you will play
- you have to select from each team a "Captain" which will lead through the game together with the "Captain" from the opposite part
- you can if you like select from several modes of views. standard mode for matches/scrims are for example "first persion view only"
- you are able to play a new mode - for fun or for your ego (if you win :))

i do miss this kind of gameplay a bit. therefor i have put in a new kind of server called "SWISS PLAY AA4 MODE - NO PASS NEEDED". so far and now, this server is switching the maps - but only if no one is playing at - every 30 minutes to another map. you can jump on if you like the map, but you need at least 2 players to get it playable. after joining, you will be asked to join Team A or Team B. also you have to enter a password, which is just pressing enter (no password needed).

then, each side has to select the "captain" who will be able to start the game (only if both captains of each side did have pressed the ready button, the game will start). you have to select the guns by yourself. to change the guns you have to select first "remove" before beeing able to change them. after the middle of the match (15 rounds at all), the sides will be switched automaticaly. then a "warmup round" will start again. to jump over that round, the captains have to press again the "ready" button. the map will be played until a team do win it. then again, the captains have to say "ready" to start a new match at the same map.

i hope some of you will jump on that new kind of server to try out that mode. if you do wish some changes, let me know please. maybe i can do it. enjoy!!

Miscellaneous / players and its names 1/2
« on: Monday, March 30, 2015, 18:11:00 PM »
what a life doing this every 2nd day - changing the ingame name. looooool.
noobs, really noobs.

Code: [Select]

AAO Playername History of =(wA'tNc)=Rollo$^

Change Date


05.03.2015 =(wA'tNc)=Rollo$^-
03.03.2015 =(wA'tNc)=Rollo$^
02.03.2015 =(wA'tNc)=Rollo$^-
01.03.2015 =(wA'tNc)=Rollo$^
26.02.2015 =(wA'tNc)=Rollo$^-
23.02.2015 =(wA'tNc)=Rollo$^
14.02.2015 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
11.02.2015 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
08.02.2015 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
06.02.2015 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
03.02.2015 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
01.02.2015 Rollo$^
30.01.2015 roll'em'all`rollos!
29.01.2015 roll'em'all`rollos^
27.01.2015 roll'em'all`rollos!
26.01.2015 #roll'em'all'rollos[?]
25.01.2015 -roll'em'all'rollos[?]
22.01.2015 ^roll'em'all'rollos[?]
21.01.2015 ~roll'em'all'rollos[?]
20.01.2015 ^roll'em'all'rollos[?]
19.01.2015 roll'em'all'rollos[?]
18.01.2015 -roll'em'all'rollos[?]
17.01.2015 roll'em'all'rollos[?]
15.01.2015 roll´em´all´rollos
14.01.2015 roll´em´all´rollos^
12.01.2015 roll'em'all:rollos^
09.01.2015 roll'em'all:rollos!
07.01.2015 roll'em'all:rollos^
05.01.2015 roll'em'all`rollos!^
04.01.2015 roll'em'all`rollos!
03.01.2015 roll'em'all`rollos^
01.01.2015 roll'em'all`rollos..
30.12.2014 roll´em´all´rollos^
29.12.2014 rollo$!a^
27.12.2014 rollo$ed
26.12.2014 rollo$!a^
25.12.2014 rollo$ed
23.12.2014 rollo$!a^
22.12.2014 rollo$ed
21.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
19.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
18.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
15.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
14.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
12.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
10.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
07.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
05.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
04.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
03.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
02.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
01.12.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
29.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
27.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
26.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
24.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
23.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
21.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^-
20.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^
19.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^-
16.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^
14.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos
11.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^
10.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos
09.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^-
08.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos
07.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^
04.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos
03.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^
01.11.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^-
29.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollos^
28.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
26.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
20.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
19.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
16.10.2014 roll'em'all`rollos..
13.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
07.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
04.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
01.10.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
28.09.2014 roll'em'all`rollos..
27.09.2014 roll'em'all`rollos.
20.09.2014 roll'em'all`rollos^
14.09.2014 roll'em'all`rollos!
07.09.2014 roll'em'all"rollos!
06.09.2014 -[$aZerAk!].BLANK
05.09.2014 -[$aZerAk].BLANK
04.09.2014 -[$aZerAk!].BLANK
02.09.2014 -[$aZerAk].BLANK
31.08.2014 -[$aZerAk!].BLANK
30.08.2014 -[$aZerAk].BLANK
28.08.2014 -[$aZerAk!].BLANK
27.08.2014 -[$aZerAk].BLANK
25.08.2014 -[$aZerAk!].BLANK
24.08.2014 -[$aZerAk].BLANK
22.08.2014 -[$aZerAk!].BLANK
21.08.2014 -[$aZerAk!^].BLANK
20.08.2014 -[$aZerAk!].BLANK
19.08.2014 -[$aZerAk].BLANK
17.08.2014 -[$aZerAk!].BLANK
16.08.2014 ^$aZerAk!.[BLANK]
14.08.2014 $aZerAk!.[BLANK]
13.08.2014 ^$aZerAk!.[BLANK]
12.08.2014 $aZerAk!.[BLANK]
11.08.2014 ^$aZerAk!.[BLANK]
08.08.2014 rollo$!a^
07.08.2014 rollo$^
05.08.2014 rollo$ed
04.08.2014 Rollo$^-
03.08.2014 rollo$!a^
02.08.2014 -rollo$ed-
31.07.2014 rollo$ed
28.07.2014 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$^-
27.07.2014 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$^
26.07.2014 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$^-
23.07.2014 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$^
20.07.2014 =(wA`tNc)=troy
16.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy;
15.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
14.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy;
12.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
10.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy;
09.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
04.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy;
03.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
01.07.2014 -wA`tNc.troy;
29.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
27.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy^-
26.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
25.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy`
23.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
22.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy
21.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
19.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy
17.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
15.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy
14.06.2014 -wA`tNc.troy-
13.06.2014 -wA'tNc.troy`
11.06.2014 -wA'tNc.troy-
08.06.2014 troy-
07.06.2014 -wAtNc.RolloS^-
06.06.2014 -wAtNc.RolloS^
03.06.2014 -wAtNc.Rollo$ed
02.06.2014 -wAtNc.rollo$ed
31.05.2014 rollo$ed
30.05.2014 -wAtNc.Rollo$ed`
28.05.2014 -wAtNc.Rollo$^-
27.05.2014 roll`em`all`rollos!
23.05.2014 roll`em`all`rollos..^
22.05.2014 -wAtNc.Rollo$^-
20.05.2014 -wAtNc.Rollo$!a^
19.05.2014 -wAtNc.Rollo$^-
17.05.2014 -wAtNc.Rollo$^
16.05.2014 -wAtNc.troy-
14.05.2014 -watnc.troy-
13.05.2014 =(troy)=
12.05.2014 -wA'tNc.troy`
10.05.2014 -wA'tNc.troy-
08.05.2014 -wA'tNc.troy`
07.05.2014 -wA'tNc.troy-
06.05.2014 -wA'tNc.troy'
05.05.2014 -wA'tNc.troy-
02.05.2014 -wA'tNc.troy`
30.04.2014 -wA'tNc.troy-
24.04.2014 troy-
23.04.2014 -wA'tNc.)2ollo$^-
22.04.2014 -wA'tNc.(2ollo$*-
21.04.2014 -wA'tNc.(2olloSed^-
20.04.2014 -wA'tNc.(2olloS^-
19.04.2014 -wA'tNc.(2olloSed^
18.04.2014 -wA'tNc.(2olloS^
17.04.2014 -(2olloS^
16.04.2014 Rollo$!a^
14.04.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
13.04.2014 Rollo$^
12.04.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
11.04.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
10.04.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
07.04.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^
06.04.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
05.04.2014 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$!a^
04.04.2014 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$!a^-
03.04.2014 Rollo$!a^-
02.04.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
31.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
30.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
20.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
19.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
18.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
17.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
16.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
14.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
13.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
11.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
10.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$!a^-
09.03.2014 -wA'tNc.[R]ollo$^-
07.03.2014 -wA'tNc.[R]ollo$!a^-
06.03.2014 -wA'tNc.[R]ollo$ia^
05.03.2014 -wA'tNc.[R]ollo$ed^
04.03.2014 -wA'tNc.[R]ollo$^
01.03.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
25.02.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$ed^
22.02.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
21.02.2014 roll`em`all`rollos!
20.02.2014 roll`em`all`rollos^
17.02.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$ia^
15.02.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$ia^-
12.02.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$ia^
09.02.2014 Rollo$ia^
08.02.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$ia^
06.02.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
04.02.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
03.02.2014 roll`em`all`rollos!
01.02.2014 roll`em`all`rollos^
30.01.2014 Rollo$^-
27.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
25.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
24.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$ia^
21.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
19.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
15.01.2014 Rollo$^-
12.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
11.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
06.01.2014 Rollo$^-
04.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^-
01.01.2014 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
28.12.2013 roll`em`all`rollos^
27.12.2013 roll`em`all`rollos!
22.12.2013 rollo$^
19.12.2013 -we.ain^
04.12.2013 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$^
02.12.2013 Rollo$^
01.12.2013 rollo$ed^
29.11.2013 roll`em`all`rollos!
26.11.2013 roll`em`all`rollos^
23.11.2013 rollo$ed^
18.11.2013 roll`em`all`rollos^
07.11.2013 roll`em`all`rollos!
01.11.2013 roll`em`all`rollos^
17.10.2013 roll´em´all´rollos^
14.10.2013 rollo$ed
12.10.2013 Rollo$^-
09.10.2013 FOUNANE*
08.10.2013 -wA'tNc.Rollo$^
18.09.2013 Rollo$^
11.09.2013 Rollo$^-
18.07.2013 -rollo$ed-
30.04.2013 rollo$ed
28.04.2013 Rollo$^-
12.04.2013 Rollo$^
03.04.2013 Rollo$^-
22.03.2013 Rollo$^
20.03.2013 Rollo$^-
13.03.2013 Rollo$^
04.03.2013 Rollo$^-
01.03.2013 Rollo$^
26.02.2013 rollo$ed
16.02.2013 -rollo$ed-
14.02.2013 Rollo$^
10.02.2013 foolek
08.02.2013 foolekK
05.02.2013 foolek
02.02.2013 fooolekk
01.02.2013 foolek
31.01.2013 M"POWER
30.01.2013 FREE.M"
26.01.2013 FREE.foolek
22.01.2013 FREE.fooolekk
21.01.2013 FREE.foolek
19.01.2013 foolek
17.01.2013 fooolekk
15.01.2013 foolek
13.01.2013 fooolekk
12.01.2013 FOOLEK
09.01.2013 (_)(_)//////D--
08.01.2013 BULBIZAR
06.01.2013 VV\_/VV
05.01.2013 LIFE.IS.SO.EXCITING\_/
03.01.2013 NIKE-TA-MERE\_/
03.01.2013 NIKE-TA-MERE\_/
02.01.2013 A-LA-ZEUB\_/
31.12.2012 RENDS-LES-FOLLES!!
29.12.2012 RENDS-LES-FOU!!
29.12.2012 RENDS-LES-FOU!!
27.12.2012 FOOLEK\_/
26.12.2012 FOOLEK*
24.12.2012 FOOLEK
21.12.2012 foolek.mbf
17.12.2012 FOOLEK'.MBF
15.12.2012 FOOLEK.MBF
12.12.2012 FOOLEK.mbf
11.12.2012 FOOLEK*
10.12.2012 Champs-Elysees!
08.12.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK\_/
07.12.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK
06.12.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK*
04.12.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK
02.12.2012 =(wA`tNc)=FOOLek^
30.11.2012 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$^
29.11.2012 =(wA`tNc)=FOOLEK*
27.11.2012 =(wA`tNc)=FOOLEK
26.11.2012 =(wA`tNc)=Rollo$^
24.11.2012 =(wA`tNc)=FOOLEK!
22.11.2012 =(wA`tNc)=FOOLEK'
19.11.2012 =(wA`tNc)=FOOLEK
15.11.2012 -wAtNc.Rollo$^
12.11.2012 Rollo$^
11.11.2012 \_/FOOLEK'
05.11.2012 \_/FOOLEK
04.11.2012 \_/KRUKRU
01.11.2012 Rollo$^
29.10.2012 -wAtNc.Rollo$^
27.10.2012 Rollo$^
23.10.2012 -wAtNc.Rollo$^
21.10.2012 Rollo$^
09.10.2012 -wAtNc.Rollo$^
24.09.2012 ~®^™
16.09.2012 Rollo$^
15.09.2012 rollo$ed*
10.09.2012 RPK'byrollo$ed*
08.09.2012 rollo$ed^
07.09.2012 U.HAVE.BEENrollo$ed
04.09.2012 wAtNc.rollosed
27.08.2012 wAtNc.rollo$ed
24.08.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK
19.08.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK\_/
17.08.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK!!
15.08.2012 wAtNc.foolek!
13.08.2012 wAtNc.foolek!!
09.08.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK
05.08.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK'
03.08.2012 wAtNc.FOOLEK
02.08.2012 wAtNc.foolek!
29.07.2012 wAtNc.69
28.07.2012 wAtNc.69`
24.07.2012 wAtNc.foolek
23.07.2012 wAtNc.fuki`
21.07.2012 wAtNc.foolek!
13.07.2012 Rollo$^\_/
09.07.2012 -iknow.FOOLEK\_/
06.07.2012 -iknow.FOOLEK'
04.07.2012 [FOOLEK'EMPIRE]
03.07.2012 -iknow.FOOLEK'
27.06.2012 -iknow.FOOLEK!
26.06.2012 FOOLEK!
21.06.2012 foolek!
18.06.2012 =(krukru)=
14.06.2012 [krukru]
11.06.2012 ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮
07.06.2012 Rollo$^
06.06.2012 Rollo$ed^
03.06.2012 Rollo$^
01.06.2012 ~®^™
31.05.2012 Rollo$ed^
30.05.2012 Rollo$^
29.05.2012 Rollo$ed^
27.05.2012 Rollo$^
25.05.2012 Rollo$ed^
24.05.2012 Rollo$^
22.05.2012 Rollo$ed
20.05.2012 Rollo$^
19.05.2012 Rollo$ia^
17.05.2012 Rollo$ed
16.05.2012 Rollo$^
14.05.2012 Rollo$ed
11.05.2012 Rollo$ia^
07.05.2012 Rollo$^
06.05.2012 Rollo$ed
05.05.2012 Rollo$ia^

Games & Programming / aa4 - the big game!
« on: Monday, March 30, 2015, 13:40:49 PM »
hi all
there is another nice game you could join - it's called America's Army 4 - or Proving Ground.
the beta phase is almost at its end - there are many nice things on that final release.

come an try it - you will find me on [SWISS] - servers or account.

Wow! It is hard to believe it’s been more than a year already. A lot has changed between our initial beta version and the game we have following the release of RFI-4. Thanks to the community for the many, many hours playing and all the valuable feedback. We especially want to thank our dedicated Beta testing team who have donated hundreds of hours to the project.

Now we would like to take a moment to talk with you about the full release of the game.

RFI-4 was our last major update until launch and, aside from any critical bugs that might come up, the development team is focused on completing the game for release in the spring of 2015. However, you can still contribute! We will be hosting game-wide opt-in testing weekends, where you will be able to play and provide feedback on our pre-release features that are in development. Watch for details on that in the weeks to come.

Some of the items to look for with the full release include: demorec (server recording of gameplay), a Medic role, a complete in-game UI (including a server browser), a fully featured soldier progression system, alternative weapon skins and camouflage patterns, unique enemy weapons, a new and improved audio system, new maps, numerous performance optimizations and lots and lots of polish across the entire game.

Since the fully featured Soldier Progression System will change the way XP is earned and the rewards for completing challenges, all stats will start over when the beta ends. The old stats will still be available if you want to look back at what you or your friends have accomplished in the beta.

Thank you so much for your feedback and support over the last year. It’s been a great time, and it’s only going to get better!

Assist Support / failed to download 3 times..
« on: Friday, January 30, 2015, 13:28:59 PM »
the new update seems to make some problems on my end.
the error:

1. performing startup......
2. start downloading....
4. assist will close then after that

and the same again and again. dont know the problem. seems others can play. strange thing.
any solution about that would be good :)

Feedback & Suggestions / thank you all !
« on: Tuesday, December 30, 2014, 21:05:19 PM »
hi there
I would like to say "thank you very much" for playing this game. as you can see, the players now are around 120 - 160 every day. this is just great!
and it would be nice to call your friends also to join this part of fun, for now and for more.
have a good time - enjoy the last day of 2014  :style: with a big bang  :cool:

Background Checks / PinkFloyd
« on: Monday, December 15, 2014, 14:15:59 PM »
hi there
i never did it, but once it's the first time, right  ;)
also know as [Majestic]rmcdzk-
but it is so strange, he knows where the players are and he needs realy one shot to kill.
to be that good he must come from outer space - or he is using something special.....

Miscellaneous / Sony Pictures hacked by GoP
« on: Friday, November 28, 2014, 10:48:35 AM »
incredible, but true! - i did know that this will happen one day, but it is still unbelievable, right?

Sony Pictures have been hacked wordwide.

According to The Times the company's computer network remains offline, forcing staff to return to a pre-digital age of pen and paper, in a period of enforced downtime which may last up to three weeks.

One source told The Times: You go to work and there are people sitting at their desks trying to do their job with a pen and paper. It's the same all over the world.

They're pretending that it's just an IT problem, but it's 100 per cent not. They are really playing it down. The tech guys I know said files were wiped.

Amongst 11,000 gigabytes of files allegedly stolen by the hacking collective Guardians of Peace are files named by Reddit users as Diaz, Cameron's passports, Angelina Jolie passports, media budgets, deals, and, ironically, security breach course of action.

Miscellaneous / =IGC=-=W!CK!D
« on: Thursday, November 20, 2014, 08:38:51 AM »
hey you did ban me on pm.
here is the answer about your question:

i am at work now, so i don't know exactly if the folder name is correct.
but it hat do be placed in the pb folder (i will see it when you are at the system folder). file is pbbans.dat there, so overwrite and reboot and it will work.

if not ok, write again.
good luck.

Bug Reports / Setting rounds in game not working
« on: Monday, October 27, 2014, 08:20:20 AM »
for example:

set rounds at like

now start the server and start playing. after 6-7 rounds, go and change in game the rounds to 9.
this has no affect. the match will go to 10 rounds.

nothing critical, just for the next release

Feedback & Suggestions / joining servers to call players out of it
« on: Wednesday, October 08, 2014, 13:46:14 PM »
to much of my heart I do put in this all......
it's ridiculous, sorry.

the most blaming community it is - I should have known it  :down:

Server Support / login not possible anymore
« on: Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 16:08:11 PM »
there must be a problem with the login part of assist. not possible to start it at all

error message:
"unable to login, battletracker is not responding, please try again later"

Server Support / SF Dockside - more slots
« on: Tuesday, September 09, 2014, 15:07:29 PM »
would be nice - if possible - to have more then 22 slots on SF Dockside. around 26 would be good.

Server Support / in game mapchange for "SF Refinery" not possible anymore
« on: Sunday, August 31, 2014, 11:00:50 AM »
there is a problem atm with this map. you can not change it as admin in game nor as player with mapvote. i guess there is something wrong with the names MP_SF_Refinery. while trying to change to this map, you will see text like .... \Briefings\MP_Refinery.txt (and not MP_SF_Refinery). maybe this is the problem, don't know.

by starting this map at server start, all is ok and the map will be loaded.

thanks for having a look at.

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