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General Chat / Hello!
« on: Friday, April 24, 2020, 18:15:46 PM »
Hello! It's nice to be here again  :up:

General Chat / Time to say goodbye!
« on: Saturday, November 16, 2013, 17:13:41 PM »
It's time to say goodbye people.

It was really nice to be around this game since early 2004. I know a lot of excellent people from this game. It was a huge part of my life for some time. People, stay together here and keep this game alive. All of you are doing good work with it.

  • Thank you Assist Administrators. I had a possibility to play this game again after shutdown. It was so amazing felling. I will never forget your free time sacrifice. You are amazing.
  • Thank you my old friends, if you are still around here. I'm glad if sometimes someone find a contact to me and write a message. This game was not the shooting only for me. This game was a community.
  • Thank you people, which are still around Assist since auth shutdown. Like I said before, this game will be never forgotten because of you. You are real fucking lovers. Mostly maybe unknown from past, but it doesn't matter.
  • Thank you my haters. Like I used to say, I liked to flame you because it was so fucking easy to make you burning. You need to get some distance, your life will be much better with it. Believe me!
  • Specially thanks to:
    Pit- from hero to zero. People, never go this way.
    Sly- fucking kebab, everyone knew you have it and you still used to lie.
    Alechko- come out from the basement. Air attackes are finished.

I'm going to change the password to random one which I won't remember. If someone really wants to contact me, you know where to look for.

I wish you all the best. Do the best as you can here and in the real lives. Everyone, without exceptions.

My account is gone since now. I will never come back here.

Bye bye!

Background Checks / Richard Feynman
« on: Monday, September 16, 2013, 04:13:00 AM »

One of the newest users on this website is Richard Feynman. He wanted to activate his account.

I can say you in 100%- he is Pit-23.

The Lounge / Ronny the plague
« on: Monday, August 26, 2013, 05:16:59 AM »
This jew kid ronnygay is everywhere. Here, AA4 Beta:

Background Checks / Mordiii aka Morderca
« on: Friday, July 05, 2013, 13:33:51 PM »
This guy got ban around two weeks ago. Now he has new account.

No problem, do not thank.

News / Winter League Play-Off stage
« on: Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 05:30:33 AM »
At last I have some free time without work for two days, I did a nice flame again and Pelicans swallowed it easily (I'm not wonder why), check the pairs of 1st round of Winter League play-offs.

Winter League play-off stage is ready to go.

Legendary - Sweet Memories
Have Fun - Felho
Team Excellent - sVs
SWISS - SK Gaming
Finnish Battle Lions - Team Exit
GMA - Hero Turtles
Tartaczny - Me Two
Majestic - Ambient Five

Two teams (Sweet Memories and Felho- they didn't get promotion for the play-off rounds previously) got extra promotion from me for being active, instead of two teams which got promotion with one match completed in group stage. The change was made specially to make the play-off stage activity. Theoretically, it looks good because I see the activity of the all teams now.

Team A choose map, Team B choose map. Rounds win give a promotion to next round, in case of 12-12 score the final map is Urban Assault 3 rounds per side.

News / Winter League and 4vs4 EU Ladder
« on: Monday, January 28, 2013, 05:24:02 AM »

I won with my problems with AAscrim website, now I can normally enter it without using proxy gate.

All Winter League matches looks updated for now. Here big thanks to Goncalo, who took care about it. In incoiming days I will write to few people with proposition of cooperation on AAscrim website.

You can also register your team into 4vs4 EU ladder.

If you get some problems, inform me as soon as possible. In time of stand by for ESL, try to get some fun on AAscrim. If you want.

Today I will also rebuild the forum structure on AAscrim.

Bug Reports / Authorization Slot Closed kick
« on: Sunday, January 27, 2013, 16:11:50 PM »

I have a problem with Authorization Slot Closed kick since 3 days. Only I'm getting kicked from the server when playing. I don't know what causes the problem.

- I have no antivir
- firewall is off
- reinstalled the game
- tried to fix pb

Authorization server: OK 3931 ms S:115  P:310

 And the problem is still present. In few moments after that kick, I'm getting a message:

Connection to Auth server lost, You must log in again to contiune playing

The problem is present since the last update.

Could someone help me? Please do not paste links to similar topics. I'm not stupid and I checked it before post here.

News / AA 25 Winter League - TIME TO START!
« on: Thursday, January 03, 2013, 10:11:24 AM »
Hello everybody.

WINTER LEAGUE HAVE STARTED! Look at for more informations.

News / AAO25 WL - Hot Info
« on: Saturday, November 24, 2012, 08:34:20 AM »
Hello. Time for new info about Winter League :-)

According to my previous message about competition website, we would like to announce the final version. The adress is It also future website- all official competitions will be placed there. Every players from every team must register in. Important thing is to set the battletracker account adress. If someone don't register, he won't be able to play Winter League matches.

Second inmporant information. The Winter League competition matches will take place on special hosted servers in Great Britain. We have 8 servers ready to use during the competition. There will be no possibility to play the WL matches on non-league servers.

More information soon.

News / AAO25 WL - Latest info
« on: Monday, November 19, 2012, 11:06:23 AM »
Hi everyone.

At this moment we have 25(!) teams registered. We would like to start the competition soon, but...

Assist project is moving forward soon. What does it mean? Nothing bad, don't be nervous :-) We have bright future on our way and journey with this game. Incoming changes forced us to wait with league start for a moment.

Today's news is released for you to give a point why the league has not started yet.

Another info coming soon. Stay by and watch our site every day :-)

Teams Registration is still open!

News / AAO25 WL- Teams Registration
« on: Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 09:47:54 AM »
Hi again, second information today :-)

Winter League Administration
Team would like to announce team registration for Winter League competition :-) At this moment only european teams will be accepted.
We all are on the last, straight way to start Winter League, but we, Administration Team, still have some things to talk about and work on.

You can register your team easily. Just fill the list and send it to [email protected]. Message tittle should be, for example: Team Registration XXXX, where XXXX is team name.

Team name: (the name of the team)
Team founder: (in-game nickname // contact)
Team captain 1: (in-game nickname // contact)
Team captain 2: (in-game nickname // contact)
Team roster: (full list including team founder and team captains)
Server: (if your team have a server which could be used in AAO25 Winter League)

Teams registration is open till 16th of November, 23:59. We register the rights to increase the team registration deadline.


2) Evil nine (evil9)
3) [SWISS]
4) International Gamers Clan =IGC=
5) Czech and Slovak Legands -cSk.legend.
6) Hero Turtles [HT]
7) Superieure Vlaamse Strijders -[sVs]-
8) the Finwanders .In-
9) Make Some Noise! msn.
10) Polish Official Leaders -pOL. (team 1)
11) Polish Official Leaders -pOL. (team 2)
13) we Aint No clan , wAtNc =(wAtNc)=
14) Finnish Battle Lions fbl.
15) Polish-Elite =]PE[=
16) Me Two mii2
17) Sweet Memories sweet.
18) Männer der ersten Stunde - @[email protected]
19) Majestic [Majestic]
20) Sexy Generation SeXyGeN.
21) Mortiferus 1 mortiferus.
22) Mortiferus 2 mortiferus.
23) Oldschool Pt Players (+351)
24) ToS -=]ToS[=-
25) Czech it Out! czech
27) -s3xy Gaming -s3xy

News / AAO25 WL- Map Rules
« on: Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 08:59:42 AM »
First information today- Winter League map rules.

Map name (time per round):
Border   (5)
Bridge Crossing   (5)
Bridge SE   (6)
Collapsed Tunnel   (3)
Dusk   (4)
HQ Raid   (5)
Insurgent Camp   (4)
JRTC Farm   (5)
Mountain Ambush   (6)
Mountain Pass   (6)
Mountain Pass SE   (7)
MOUT McKenna   (3)
Pipeline   (5)
Radio Tower   (6)
River Basin   (6)
SF Arctic   (6)
SF Blizzard   (5)
SF Courtyard   (5)
SF CSAR   (4)
SF Dockside   (4)
SF Hospital   (4)
SF Oasis   (6)
SF Pipeline   (5)
SF Recon (9)
SF Sandstorm   (3)
SF Village   (6)
SF Water Treatment   (6)
Swamp Raid   (4)
Urban Assault   (3)
Weapons Cache   (5)
Weapons Cache SE   (6)
Woodland Outpost   (4)

News / AAO 25 WL- Rules Creed
« on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 14:07:53 PM »
Hi people.

Rules creed for Winter League is completed. To read the Rules Creed click the news title.

More informations about Winter League coming soon. Probably tommorow :)

Part 1.General League informations:

- League system is table system, open season, without play-offs.
- Number of season weeks is rigid depending on the number of teams signed in.
- Only one league round per season. Every clan must play one match with all of the opponents.
- Two maps per one match. Both teams must select their map.
- Once selected map by exampled team cannot be selected again anymore by this team in the season.
- Open season is preceded by two Pre-Season matches for every team. Pre-Season is to determine what teams show up and who do not. If a team misses a Pre-Season match without prior notice they get removed from the League unless they have a valid excuse for not showing up.
- PreSeason period is one week.
- This tournament has an open season- Every season week there is one match. Every team has one week to play their match. Every week must be ended before incoming monday.

PART 2- Team Management

- The roster minimum is 5 players. This means a team needs to have a minimum of 5 players on their roster in order to be eligible to play.
- The team captain is responsible for his roster. If anyone in a team is caught cheating, using bugs or smurfing, the team will be punished also.
- There is no maximum amount of players on a roster.

PART 3- Server Requirements

- The latest version of the CVAR scripts should be running on the server
- Team captains of the teams should be online during the match in case there is a dispute or server crashes.
- The server should be running in Tournament Mode.
- In some of the cases league admins will have to monitor matches. This means that if a league admin has to spectate a match, he should be given access to the server as an administrator.
- Server has to be located in Europe, unless both teams do not agree
- A neutral located server always has priority over other servers, unless the opponent is located outside of Europe. If no compromise about the server can be made, both teams play their map on their server. If teams still can not compromise, admins will make the final decision.
- A team does not have the right to dispute about bad servers anymore if they still played the match. They can only protest against it during the setup round, any round played after that counts. If in the middle of the match server side issues appear, the other team has to request a discard in the start of the round, and addresses the issues.

PART 4- Server Settings
Configuration Tab:

- Game Password: Your Choice (must be posted in match comms)
-  Minimum Player Honor Level: 1
-  Maximum Player Honor Level: 100
-  Delayed Start Options: Disabled
-  Maximum Players: As high as your server allows
-  Maximum Admins: 3
-  Auto-Balance Options: Never Auto Balance Teams
-  Game Play Mode: Force Live Fire Weapons

Rules Tab:
-  Enable Multiplayer cheats: Off
-  Show Death Messages: On
-  Rounds Per Match: 12
-  Round Time Limit: Map Dependent
-  Spectator Rules: Players only first person view
-  Scoreboard Display Rules: Scoreboard always available
-  Friendly Fire Roe Limit: x
-  Kick Player for Early Roe: Off
-  Roe Violations Options: Ignore Violations
-  Idle Player Kick Minutes: Disabled
-  Idle Player Kick Rounds: Disables
-  HUD Options for Enhanced Difficulty: All Unchecked

Tournament Tab:
-  Match Name:
-  League Name:
-  Tournament Name: League Name
-  Home ?Team?: Defending team
-  Away ?Team?: Attacking team
-  Require Team Passwords: On
-  ?Home? Team Password: Team Choice (post in Match Comms if this is for opposing team)
-  ?Away? Team Password: Team Choice (post in Match Comms if this is for opposing team)
-  Requested Pause length: 180 seconds
-  Swap Sides Every: 6 rounds
-  Swap Delay: 180
-  Mission Planning time: 4 minutes
-  Captain Request Delay: 30 Seconds
-  Delay Between Rounds: 10 seconds
-  Tie Breaking Rules: Allow Ties
-  Use Endex Rule: Off
-  Open All Weapons Slots: Off
-  Allow Team Captains: On
-  Random Side Starts: Off

PART 5- Match details (score reporting, dispute, resheduling)

Preparation for the Match

In the days/hours leading up to a match both teams are required to familiarize themselves with the General League Rules and League Specific Rules. The team providing the server is to also ensure that it complies with the Server Requirements and that it is setup properly as per the Server Settings rule. When the teams enter the server they will join their side using the team password. One player from each team will choose the Team Captain spot.

Setup (Mission Planning) Round

The Mission Planning round must begin no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled match time. As long as there is at least 1 player present from both teams this can happen. The short handed team(s) then has the length of the planning round to get the rest of their players on the server. If one team has no members on the server at the 10 minute mark then the team that is on the server will take a screenshot of the F1 screen showing their presence then leave the server and file a no-show dispute. If both teams have all members on the server and assigned to the proper team before the 10 minute mark then the team captains should select ready to begin the planning round early.

During the Mission Planning round the teams are to verify the following:

?   All opposing players are on the opponent's roster and are eligible for the match.
?   The server is set to the proper map and the proper number of rounds is set.
?   Captains, via the Tournament Panel, need check if all the server settings are all right
?   All players should move around the server to check for lag or warping issues. If the server is extremely laggy for multiple players on a team then each should open their console, type stat net, and take a screenshot. Discuss multiple player lag issues with your opponent. If the opponent is also experiencing the problem, quickly move to a different server. If no other server is available or both teams are still having issues on the second server, then reschedule the match to be played on a later date.

Teams failing to perform the checks above forfeit their right to dispute over them once the match goes live

Once the Mission Planning round ends the match must go "Live", even if all players from a team are not yet present. However teams are always encouraged to show some sportsmanship and wait if it is really needed. Teams beginning the match with less than the max number of players may subsequently bring them in during discarded rounds. The exception to this rule is if a team does not have the required minimum amount of players present, which is 3. In this scenario the match ends and the team in question will report a forfeit loss.

In Between Live Rounds

If a team asks for a discard before the next round starts. Both teams need to discard that round.

Live Rounds

Additional Server Setting Checks
During the first live round of the match there are some server settings that need to be checked.

?   Round Time
?   Spectator View is set to 1st Person

The settings above cannot be checked during the Mission Planning round under TM. Teams noticing any of these settings to be wrong should immediately notify their opponent. The round will then stop, the setting will be fixed, and the match will start over. These settings can only get brought up for repair during the 1st Live Round of the match. If they are noticed later, they cannot be changed and neither team can dispute over them.

Match Play Potential Issues

Tournament Mode Issues
Tournament Mode does not properly score rounds played on SF Sandstorm and MOUT McKenna due to TWL's 2 of 3 objective rule. Teams must manually keep score and report the end of each round in global comms on those maps.

Server Crashes
In the event of a server crash, the last round will be replayed with the number of players that were alive in the round when the crash took place. The replay round will begin and immediately all players that were dead before the server crash will suicide. The remaining players will have the full time limit to complete the round.

Stopping Live Play
Live Round play is not to be stopped unless agreed to by both teams. There are 3 known exceptions to this rule.

The first two exceptions are situations where a player fails to spawn or has a Critical Error causing game crash at the beginning of the round. If the team with the member having one of these problems reports the condition to the opponent via captain's chat or global chat within the first 20 seconds of the round, the opponent is required to discard the round. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a round forfeit on the part of the team refusing to honor the discard request. In the case that this problem occurs, the team that requested a discard round should dispute the match after it is finished, notify their opponent that they are leaving to file a dispute for refusing to honor their discard request. The round or rounds in which the opposing team did not discard while they should have given one will be won rounds for the team with the crashed player. The opponent can, at their discretion, attempt to verify the validity of the discard request "after" granting it by checking to see if the player didn't spawn or has crashed. Having a player a few feet above the ground usually indicates that he did not spawn. Signs that someone has crashed would be the character idle at spawn or walking into walls. Obviously, if the crashed player has left the server no signs can be found. If the opponent feels that the request was invalid, they may leave the match and dispute. However, if the dispute is overturned they will forfeit the remaining match rounds.

The final exception applies to no objective spawning on maps with a moveable objective. When a team discovers the objective is not in its location, they are to notify the opponent via captain's chat or global chat and the round must be discarded. The same procedures from the paragraph above apply for teams refusing to discard or for teams improperly making the discard request.

PART 6- Anti-Cheat (AC client, cvars, demo recording)

In this league we have no dedicated AC Client running. However teams are obligated to run the latest CVAR checks.
In case of a dispute, all team members should have a demorec of the match available. They should be handed in if the admin team asks for it. Failure to do so will lead to a forfeit win or replay, depending on the severeness of the situation.

PART 7- Cheating/Smurfing

Cheating and smurfing are strictly forbidden. Using known exploits will result in a loss of the round in which the exploit was used.
- Known bugs: Jumping on the wooden plank below west to get on the ledge
Jumping on the wall at dusk near middle building in order to flank embassy
Alpha bugspot not allowed to prone there?

PART 8- Penalties for rules infractions

- Cheating will result in a removal of the player from the game, losing the match 12-0, losing all matches in which the cheating player has played with 12-0 and in case the team obviously knew about this the team will also be removed from the tournament.
- Smurfing will result in losing the match with 12-0 and removing the players smurfing from the tournament.
- Exploiting known bugs in the game will have penalties
- First exploit: Round loss
- Second exploit: Match loss 12-0
- Third exploit: Ban from the league for that player, match loss 12-0

PART 9- Admin structure

At this moment there are five admins in the team.
The admin team consists of:
-   SNLSTB.Bart^
-   [Majestic]tidididi
-   [PTWars]B!6
-   =IGC=Smoke
-   Mortiferus.David-mad

PART 10- General Statement

-   All rules are to be viewed as 'General Guidelines'. Certain situations may require an admin override a posted rule if it is felt to be in the best interest of the community or teams involved.

The rule set can be modified.

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