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Feedback & Suggestions / Rmx clan
« on: Friday, January 31, 2014, 14:08:39 PM »
every every player are cursing this clan , calling them hackers because of their fast R
every 1 is calling them kids and blabla [ they are old gamers 22+ no 1 of them is a kid ]
and also , i also did that,but its time to stop cursing them , they are very nice and friendly people , today i talked to some of them for 30 mins , they are very cool and no one of them is cheating,they got gaming mouse and that is the thing that helping them..please i really feel sorry for this clan ,lets respect them as we respect other nice clans

Background Checks / Chaves ?
« on: Monday, January 20, 2014, 06:46:34 AM »
i think this guy is chaves,admin can you check please?

General Chat / Error
« on: Saturday, January 18, 2014, 07:37:31 AM »
An expection of class out of boundsExpection was not handled,
the appliaction must be shut down..
when i am trying to run a server , it says that
i restarted pc , ports are opened
what need to do ?

General Chat / Players with no respect
« on: Tuesday, January 07, 2014, 13:37:28 PM »
today some mins ago we were playing on urban ,  i was inside west and i was firing , bom i got a fix jam and my R reload looks like  auto , and the guy started to call me a hacker
can anybody explain to this pro that its a fixjam bug ?
i think SWISS t3ddy know what i mean

General Chat / Random Spawn Points?
« on: Friday, January 03, 2014, 15:21:38 PM »
how it can be ? how its possible to play scrims with random spawn points?
urban ? pipeline ? how it can works?

Ban Appeals / My Friend LickMyAsss is banned
« on: Tuesday, December 24, 2013, 08:19:21 AM »
hello admins
My Friend told me to post that because he is not receving a message to activate his email here:
hello everybody , i was banned long time ago for 1 week because i was using macro , the ban for 1 week only. now i back and i am still banned
 please unban me , thanks

Background Checks / Ketchup ?
« on: Sunday, December 15, 2013, 14:58:24 PM »
 guys anybody is watching the match live ? Ketchup have no recoil watch him please!

Background Checks / impossible.
« on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 10:02:04 AM »
who is that guy ?
his R is faster than my AR!
put in the watchlist please

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