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Re: 10 Years Old
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thanks for all!  :style:

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Re: 10 Years Old
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Might be very late but congrats!

I have played America's Army since the beginning. Actually got my install from PC Gamer magazine.

I remember a time when there was no honor system, you played for fun and nothing else. Also remember the opfor on Insurgent Camp used to wear turbans. In the beginning there were no leased servers, there were only US HomeLAN Official game servers. I have literally played every single patch of this game. Army Ops 1.0 all the way to 2.8.5.

It is thanks to the work here that I can still enjoy rounds of the greatest multiplayer game I ever played in my life.

Would be great if there were somehow a campaign to have another revival here. Changes need to be made in the community but I think with the right methods it would be possible to attract old and new players alike. We just need to make it welcoming to do so.


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