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Offline radiohead.

Honor Claim: jimi2424/radiohead.
« on: Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 17:19:21 PM »
Had a little trouble getting logged in with my old AA2 name (jimi2424), when I was setting up the game it kept saying not found on battle tracker. So in an effort of impatience to play, I created a new account with my AA3 name (radiohead.) and managed to get online after some trouble creating a new "jimi2424" aa assist account (it said name was taken, which makes sense, even though the login wouldnt work to get in game)

Is it possible to get my honor level of 41 from my old account linked to this one? I was able to log in to battle tracker still and have attached a screenshot that shows that. Also my email address for my new account radiohead. will also help link that account with this one.
feel free to ignore the terrible fragrate haha :P

Not a big deal as long as I can play without restrictions, would just feel nice to have a little honor level since if I understand correctly, it will be effectively frozen going forward.


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