Author Topic: [Tutorial] Create your own Bench/Test power supply  (Read 5731 times)

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[Tutorial] Create your own Bench/Test power supply
« on: Wednesday, December 02, 2009, 23:21:02 PM »
Have you ever wanted to test a fan or something outside of your computer? Maybe you need extra watts because your main power supply isn't powerful enough. This tutorial will tell you how to run a power supply without a motherboard.

Tools: It's good to have a screwdriver, pair of side cutters, and a wire stripper at minimum. You may want to use a soldering iron to solder the wires together or perhaps just a length of electrical tape.

1. Find yourself a cheap power supply with a switch on the back. This switch will be useful later.

2. Void the warranty! Now this step might be dangerous but not if you follow my instructions. Do not touch anything inside the power supply besides the wires! Open up the power supply. There's usually 4 screws on 1 side, one at each corner.

3. Trace the cables you don't need. Usually I only use the 4-pin moles cables so I cut the rest out. Cut out any cables you don't need. If you are getting rid of the ATX cable (20 or 24-pin) be sure to leave about 5 inches of cable for the green and any black wire.

4. Now, if you're like me, you will only have the 4-pin molex cables and the 5 inch wires left. Strip the green and black wires and connect them together. Now you can do this a many different way. I would prefer a wire nut but you can solder and heatshrink or simply twist them together and put tape over them.

5. Clean it up, de-dust it and close the power supply.
6. Now, if you've done everything right, when you plug it in and flick the switch in the back, you should have power going to the molex cables. You can now use this to test fans, cathode lights or whatever. You can even get creative and add this to your computer and use it for the fans and coolers you have in there to take the load off of your main power supply. Example

This tutorial was made entirely by Spanky.
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