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Americas army!
« on: Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 15:38:44 PM »
I used to spend many many hours on AA maybe 15 years ago, then I discovered girls and cars haha. Anyway I've just built my pc first pc since 2006 so looking to get back on AA if possible. My favourite map was pipeline sf, in 2004 I was the 4th highest in the UK on that map via AA tracker that was available back then.

Just discovered xfire no longer exists and I'm too late to get all my data. AA tracker is no longer about so those stats are gone. And I can't login on the AA website with my old details. So my question is will I have to start from scratch again with all that training and what not. Is AA 2 actually still running with all the maps? Including the sf ones. I'm a bit dated it seems so take it easy on your response lol thanks

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Re: Americas army!
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 07:05:24 AM »
Most of the Getting Started page should still be up to date.

Long story short, the US Army stopped supporting this game in the end of 2011. Last year, battletracker also went completely down. You used to be able to register at and use the accounts to login to 25Assist. Now you can still use your battletracker account if it's in our database (if it was used to log in to 25Assist between 2014 and 2019, I think, don't quote me on the dates).

If you don't have an existing battletracker account which you've previously used with 25Assist, you can register a new account at

No, you do not need to do training.

The maps are all still there, but I'm afraid you'll have a bad time trying to find people to play exotic maps. You'll probably see some people on Pipeline (or the SF version) every now and then.

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Important: Battletracker no longer exists. However, old Battletracker accounts may still work. You can create a new 25Assist account here

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