Author Topic: AA Proving Grounds getting shutdown  (Read 15820 times)

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AA Proving Grounds getting shutdown
« on: Wednesday, February 09, 2022, 16:00:34 PM »
Obviously that game was trash, even AA3 which still had some decent qualities was also trash compared to the glory of AA2...

What's your guys thoughts on the future of this game and franchise? Will they be making AA4/5? Video games are more popular than ever, if anything the Army and general military should be pouring money into these projects both for internal training as well as recruitment.

Does anyone have insight info on why they are shutting it down? I assume low player count. Is there a way we can get them to rejuvenate this game and version? Everyone on the reddit thread ( talks about AA PG as if it's AA2, because that's their experience and memory. They don't even understand that it's an entirely different game with engine not related to the actual amazing one of AA1 and 2.

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Re: AA Proving Grounds getting shutdown
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday, February 16, 2022, 15:59:16 PM »
You have to consider AA3 was still in alpha stage when it was released, it had so much potential that was wasted. It suddenly got rushed out because of development budget being lost due to actions of some corrupt officer, and the whole dev team was sacked at the same time.

Then the new cheapo skeleton crew wasn't able to do anything useful with AA3 and proceeded to make AA:PG.

There were rumors in 2020 about recruiting for a new army game, so who knows, there's a possibility. I'm holding no hopes.
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