Author Topic: DDoS attacks do not stop as you can see  (Read 929 times)

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DDoS attacks do not stop as you can see
« on: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 04:02:12 AM »
Ladies, Eddie is back. He did try again around midnight to attack some servers, as well as the ddos protected ones. As you can see (pictures) in the same old way as he did in the past

And here i did change the time to our time - with the attacked server::

This protection is working fine, but it has its price. So it is up to you all now to get the money for every month together for this protection or not. I will be there to support you, but you have to want this protection (remember the attackts 3 month ago - for almost one year). I do not need an answer about this, the answer will be the donations (or not). But for sure, Eddie will not stop doing his work to disturb us in this poor way. Here you go for your support on it:

And if a aa2 admin would like to take this on the assist side, i would be glad about it. And to those two kids with "Merlin is earning money with it": Read this thread, its all there. You can see perfectly how mutch money i do earn each month, lol.
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