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Alpha Protocol
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Alpha Protocol is a secret organization that lets the U.S. conduct secret operations without fearing that the public might find out. You are agent Mike Thorton. You are sent to Saudi Arabia to find out what happened to missiles that were lost. But you eventually find out what really happened and the involvement of a U.S. corporation, and are then wanted by the U.S. for being a rouge agent. You go to three places, Saudi Arabia, Taipei, Moscow, and Rome. The amazing thing about this games is that the outcome depends on the options you choose in-game. There are many ways many situations can turn out, making the game have great replay value. you can make friends and enemies depending on the stuff you say to them and how you act. Now this isn't a typical read text and choose reply. All of the conversations are done by voice actors and you choose the way you want to respond to someone talking. An example would be if someone is telling you info or a story you can reply in 4 ways each time, like sarcastic, aggressive, professional, or cautious. There are more options than that but that is just an example.

Alpha Protocol is basically an Espionage RPG with FPS elements. Third person view. At the beginning of the game you can choose which type of player you want to be. Soldier, spy, tech, or a mix. It doesn't really matter what you choose since you get to choose which stats to upgrade anyways, it is just for the start. Later on you can choose a specialty that will give you unique abilities. You can choose how you want to play through the game If you want to go in guns blazing or if you want to be stealth and lurk your way to your objective. It is up to you. The levels are linear but are very well designed with more than one approach to some areas. You must upgrade your character with skill points that you earn at the end of a mission. If you want to be more stealth get more stealth upgrades, or if you want to be better with assault rifles, upgrade that. The possibilities are numerous. There are a few mini-games like when you hack a computer you have to match number or when you pick a lock that add some fun and challenge to the game. You buy new guns, gun upgrades, armor, and gadgets off of the black market or from sellers you meet in-game. No online multiplayer that I know of. The game has a number of glitches that should be patched out in the future.

Average. I can easily max the game out and it doesn't look that good. But graphics were never really a selling point for me. The game is very fun and I think that more then makes up for the lackluster graphics. I didn't have time to take screenshots so I just got the pictures off of google images. Note that the pictures are from the console versions.

Bottom Line
The game is very fun despite the average graphics and glitches. The RPG elements are executed very well and the gameplay is fun. It is cool to see your decisions come around at different points in the game.

Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 6
Story - 8.5
Overall - 8.5
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Re: Alpha Protocol
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It's cool to see RPG games these days that are much more dynamic.

IMO, if its a bitch to write an FAQ for a game because theres too many dynamic elements to take care of, you've probably made a pretty good game. It should never be boring to pick up this game multiple times.


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