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suggestion social media
« on: Sunday, August 09, 2020, 12:45:51 PM »
Hi all AA 2.5 lovers.

Remember the times we had a few thousand of players on this game online daily.
I wonder why we can't promote the game through social media??
Although i barely played AAPG- I see lot of advertisments for it through social media.(yes there's more money behind AAPG atm, i know)
BUT I see a lot of people willing to support the advertisements and willing to jump in to promote 2.5 again.
As it is the only version you can play on a Mac- it should be great to let those old AA'ers jump in this game again. Not that I can complain , I set up my server In corona times and when i hop on after 1 hour there's 20+ people playing the game again on an old school way. And some people find the joy again of playing this game in the late hours while their wives are asleep  :D
So my suggestion to be more tactical on social media promotions and i'm willing to help with

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Re: suggestion social media
« Reply #1 on: Monday, August 10, 2020, 02:02:45 AM »
This has been talked about before. I'm sure you'll find many a thread on this topic on these forums.

The main issue is that we're redistributing the game, which is in clear violation of the EULA. As such, our redistribution of the software is strictly speaking not legal.

There has been unofficial approval of 25Assist from someone who (at least at the time) was involved with the official AA dev team.
However, the fact remains that the rights of the software are held by the US army and they have every right to take us down if they so chose.

Since the game was meant as a recruitment tool, the US army likely doesn't want some random people (the 25Assist team) managing their recruitment tool.
Given the small size of the community, this is not an issue right now. However, if the community grew exponentially, it could become one.

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Re: suggestion social media
« Reply #2 on: Friday, August 14, 2020, 18:47:30 PM »
Given the small size of the community, this is not an issue right now. However, if the community grew exponentially, it could become one.

Man think about it, it would be a strategical mistake on their part to shut Assist down early on in the case of growth.. that's because it would be an asset that they have power over just by being nice.. for example they could create AA2 remake and direct all the players to the new game (which Assist admins would gladly do I suppose) ..

What is the punishment for violating their EULA? .. if it's just a forced shut down then we shouldn't be discouraged.. Assist is kinda lingering because a few dozen of us aren't giving up, but how long will this last..
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