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Saturday Night Hospital -=LGC=- server
« on: Friday, March 08, 2019, 16:11:11 PM »
Hello guys and ladies , just letting you know us LGC crew have been hosting saturday nights hospital for about 4 weeks right now and with huge succes and wanna thank you all :) this satruday like all the other saturdays we are hosting our FAMOUS satruday night hospital nights once again :) Be sure to not miss it and bring some friends :) Hospital night starts at 7 EST hope to see many of you friends on satruday :)  If you guys wanna join our growing discord community be sure to come check us out here is the link to our discord server :)   

Have all and amazing weekend and bless you all   :style: :style: :style: :style: :style:
Mess with the best die like the rest  :makemyday: :makemyday: :makemyday: :makemyday:


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