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82nd Airborne Division is Recruiting
« on: Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 16:32:03 PM »

82nd Airborne Division| RECRUITING


About the 82nd
The 82nd Airborne Division is a Americas Army, ArmA 3 Milsim unit focused on offering a realistic and authentic experience in trainings and in operations. Our soldiers go through trainings that have been created by studying real army trainings and they partake in operations that a real light infantry airborne unit would execute. We strive to offer an enjoyable serious experience for all our soldiers while also maintaining a very diverse community that enjoys playing a wide range of games. If you are interested in well organized military trainings and operations while also making friends the 82nd is the right place for you."Reach within yourself" and enlist today!

Once on our site you will find all vital information as well as our TeamSpeak 3 information, feel free to join us for a game or a talk to one of our recruiters!

We are currently have members from all over the world assigned to Brigade's  enjoying 4 public servers, internal operations, competitive game play, classes and the brother/sisterhood of the red, white & blue!

We are a international gaming unit derived of current military, ex-military, and those outstanding individuals who seek structure and organised tactical gameplay. Come join our ranks!

- Americas Army 2.5
- Americas Army 2.8.5
- Americas Army 3
- Arma 3
- More Coming soon...

ADVANTAGES OF THE 82nd Airborne Division:
- Prestige Tactical Realism Organisation
- Simulated Military Environment
- Dedicated Servers
- Exclusive personalised website
- Game Enhancement
- Leadership/management development
- Diversity
- Excitement
- Respect

1. Minimum age is 15
2. You must have a mic
3. Must have TeamSpeak
4. Must have a Steam account
5. Must have supported game
6. Must be willing to play in a realism unit , ENLIST TODAY!

Contact Information:
Steam: Zombie18256
Email- [email protected]
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Re: 82nd Airborne Division is Recruiting
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You still active/recruiting?

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Re: 82nd Airborne Division is Recruiting
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We are still here and getting new applications in daily

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