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Server Log
« on: Saturday, January 07, 2012, 19:58:28 PM »
This is more of a feature request but I would like to see "CommoHandler" warnings omitted from server logs. They're just for PunkBuster messages since technically nobody is giving the message so it errors out.

CommoHandler mp60_pball.CommoHandler (Function AGP.CommoHandler.AllowsBroadcast:0122) Accessed None 'broadcaster'
CommoHandler::AllowsBroadcast()   Unknown broadcaster! None 61
CommoHandler mp60_pball.CommoHandler (Function AGP.CommoHandler.Broadcast:0029) Accessed None 'Sender'
CommoHandler mp60_pball.CommoHandler (Function AGP.CommoHandler.Broadcast:0069) Accessed None 'Sender'
CommoHandler mp60_pball.CommoHandler (Function AGP.CommoHandler.Broadcast:00CB) Accessed None 'Sender'
CommoHandler::Broadcast()   Received message from unknown Sender( None ) Message( 2.5 Assist SM - Private PB Scripts for AA v2.5 - ) Type( None )
CommoHandler mp60_pball.CommoHandler (Function AGP.CommoHandler.Broadcast:029D) Accessed None 'PRI'

Kind of useless and just adds to the server log file. Would also be cool to color certain things in Assist like "Open myLevel" for player joins and "Close TcpipConnection" for player leaves. Just to make things more pronounced and easier to read. Also, auto scroll would be cool :)
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