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Support for the ddos protected server (EU)
« on: Friday, December 01, 2017, 12:06:47 PM »
If you would like to keep the ddos protected servers alive, the following options are given:
-   Donate as you like to pay the server costs
-   Rent a server with 32 slots for 20 Euros per month (prepayment)

The total amount for each month to pay for the protection:  Euro 292.40.

The goal for December 2017 is reached!
The goal for January 2018 is also reached - good job guys!

Rent a server:

As you can see, for donations and for renting a server, it is now the same donation pool. Be sure you do declare the donation if you will rent a server (which clan or user). Then it is easier to configure it or to release it again.

And here you go for detailed informations:

ps: the lags are gone, servers are running perfect now - and protected :)
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Re: Support for the ddos protected server (EU)
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Entry two -  to get on top of the recent topics :)
But also read the changes above. Thank you all for the support, it is really needed!


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