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285 aaobattlecommunity changed the downloads for gaming
« on: Saturday, September 09, 2017, 15:26:44 PM »
all info on

After time working  to find out what map is the same ore not playable, I did select 444 maps that aaobattlecommunity will support and play.
In this document you find all info to get in and on the website to download the 2 new WinRAR  for all the maps together around 4.3 GB for 444 great playeble maps .
Also inc. are the maps that I Vanoke did change from Bots map to P.v.P maps.
hope this will make it easyer to find a way to get in
thx all that already are in game and in events . Super THX!!

The new selected download part  1/2
The new selected download part  2/2

All info Bots and P.v.P maps in words and pictures
All info but  P.v.P maps in word  and pictures

Drop by on a event every 2.8.5 - Sunday P.v.P // Monday border evening on Assist //  2.8.5 Wednesday P.v.P evening. Saturday midday 2.8.5 on FFat Foo its Bots time
follow the countdown on site for game start event.
Greating Vanoke


Download Assist


Download Game Client

Download Server Manager