ASSIST, AMERICA'S ARMY COMMUNITY has problems tracking user sessions.

Since a few days has been experiencing problems tracking user sessions.
And since the problems happened at the same time as a update we did(8.15), the first thoughts were that the update had caused the problems. So we released a follow up update(8.16) where we reverted the only change in... ( Read More )

25Assist version 8.16 has been released.

8.16 includes this:

All 25Assist servers will report that Maxhonor=100, even if the Maxhonor is set to something else(Like 110 or 130) to Hopefully this will allow all servers be tracked again. If this don't help there is something major wrong with Battletracker,com

On a se... ( Read More )

25Assist Version 8.15 has been released.

 Fix for FC being tracked
 Implemented Min and Max honor
 Added the possibility for Server admins to add spam protection(Nades and 203)
 Fixed the Map Cycle function of 25Assist Server

 Added a new command that allow admins to give the same weapon to all players... ( Read More )
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