Using mouse macros in 25Assist is now detected.

We have made a big step in Anti-Cheat lately; detecting the use of mouse macros in America's Army to gain an unfair advantage.
For the last week we have collected data on who is using mouse macros. Even if you have used them and are not on the list yet, know that we have detected it and might just be waiting ... ( Read More )

Small mAAp update.released.

Released files addresses fixes/updates in these 3 maps

I also included an updated Tours.ini that contains a fix for [mAAp]SF Refinery that prevented a map change to that map by either mapvote or admin panel.
A minor functionality update for... ( Read More )

Polls Update

Ever since we introduced polls into Assist, we always thought there was something fishy with the results. Looking into the code, I believe I found the problem and tested it to make sure. With this issue now fixed, I have put up a few polls for people to vote in. Check out the Polls tab in Assist to vote on a few... ( Read More )

Forum Restored

Sorry everybody. I broke the forum database by restoring a backup from a year ago (I was stupidly trying to setup a cloned site and thought I sent the SQL backup elsewhere but it overwrote the main site instead). AAO25 automatically backs up every 2 days but some important information was lost including some of... ( Read More )
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