Need adleast 3 America Admins for ...

To continue Big Clan Day America  we need ad least 3 admins from America together with sum old BCD admins. that can stick their heads together to make this work  its 3 hour in the week and meaby America needs a diffrent time when ther are more gamers.
Wat to do Open the server , play the game , and close the ... ( Read More )

Assist has a Wiki!

To better help the community in understanding features, functions and aspects of Assist, and America's Army, we've created a Wiki site that is open and editable to the public. To prevent abuse, edits have to be approved before they are publicly shown. If you see something you would like to add, add it yourself or ... ( Read More )

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Vorte...

This was sent out to all current/past clients of ours as well as posted around social media so we are also posting it here for the AA2 community to take advantage of.

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day we have decided to start the sale posted below which will run until the en... ( Read More )
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