Welcome new/old users!

Over the next several days, e-mails will be going out to addresses that have been gathered from AA Drama, Assist and this site. This is an effort to bring in some new users and also remind old ones that we're still here. Assist has been around quite a while and those that played in the beginning might not be pla... ( Read More )

Shoutbox Usage & Moderation.

As of lately, the Shoutbox has been seeing an overwhelming increase in disrespect, hostility and generic spam-like behaviour. We have decided to remain partially silent on this matter for quite some time now but it has come to a point where a fair warning along with some brief reminders are very much due.
... ( Read More ) has problems tracking user sessions.

Since a few days has been experiencing problems tracking user sessions.
And since the problems happened at the same time as a update we did(8.15), the first thoughts were that the update had caused the problems. So we released a follow up update(8.16) where we reverted the only change in... ( Read More )
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