Sourceforge causing problems.

Since an hour is experiencing problems.
I activated our backupsystem and all clients should be able to log on again.

A problem was apparent, that even with the backupserver online, some functions on the server side didn't work. Map name and startup of a new server is impossible, unt... ( Read More )

25-01-2015 Big Clan Day its good

I also want to say if you don`t like all the 4 game map`s that we play on Big Clan Day don`t go out till your map is comming, if all players think like that its hard to get multiple servers full . think about this > You can gif also fun to other players, so if your map is comming they will gif you to a fun time . ... ( Read More )

11-01-2014 Big Clan Day

Leds hope people find this and play the game, we will make  possible a other choice in the future to make Big clan day intresting for players. The idear is good but the players think diffrend ????????????

Site world time:  [url=http... ( Read More )
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