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Player admin role is a responsible role set for a player, who is able to administrate the game when it's needed. Player admin has Admin Panel interface what to use ( default key to it is F12 ), but player admin can also use various console commands. Here's a list of the most common player admin console commands and explanation for what they are used for:

admin forceclass

Usage: admin forceclass <playername or playerid> <weapon>

A command to force certain weapons class to single player.

admin message

Usage: admin message <your message>

"your message" will be displayed for everyone in the middle of the screen inside of a box. Used to inform about various stuff, will be displayed only for few seconds and doesn't leave any text to console.

admin pb_sv_banempty

Usage: admin pb_sv_banempty

While typed to console it clears the PunkBuster banlist where people are ending up every now and then. This command wont clear the actual banlist from your server, it only clears PunkBuster's automatically added bans, which are mostly coming from ignoring md5 queries or other connection issues at players side. Respect players at your server and clear the bug ban list when you see someone ending there.

admin say

Usage: admin say <your message>

"your message" will be displayed as red text in console. Everyone at server will see the message, no matter are they dead or alive. Used to inform various stuff or to highlight that it's admin talking, unlike "admin message" this one stays visible at console.


Usage: afc <weapon>

This is a command to force certain weapon class for everyone at server. For example afc m9 typed to console will force class m9 for everyone.


Usage: ass

This command typed to console means admin forcing everyone to switch sides at once. Player will get a message of being swapped to another team.


Usage: csay <your message>

"your message" will be displayed as brown text and only for other player admins. Csay is a way for admins to talk with each other during game.