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What is Assist?

Assist is a community run program that helps users play the officially abandoned version of AA, AA2.x. It provides players a way to authenticate themselves using 25Assist accounts (former battletracker accounts may work as well). Honor, kills and deaths are (essentially) no longer kept track of. Assist also keeps the game as clean as possible with its strong anti-cheat.

Assist is a Deploy Client for America’s Army, It is deigned to make the process of Installing and getting up and running with AA as easy as possible. If you are new to the game this little Application will fully automate the download and installation of the game from it’s own repository server and handle all the needed updates and checks. It will then guide you through the process of creating an account and then load your account details automatically when you first play. Getting up and running with this free game is now as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

If you already have America’s Army 2.5 this Application will make a copy of your existing installation and put it into a completely separate folder so it does not alter your existing installation and then bring everything up-to date. Once you are happy you may delete your old installation of AA if you wish.

How to get started with Assist

There are both video as well as other visual tutorials available if you are having trouble installing Assist. You can find them at http://aao25.com/getting-started/ .

If problems persist, posting on the official forums (aao25.com) might be a good idea.

Former battletracker accounts

Many battletracker accounts were ported over to 25Assist accounts. However, not all of them were. As a rule of thumb, if someone used their battletracker account to log in to 25Assist between 2014 and when it battletracker shut down, the account should have been ported.