M16A2 Assault Rifle

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  • Ammunition: 5.56x45mm NATO ball rounds
  • Max Effective Rate of Fire:
45 rounds per minute (semi-auto)
90 rounds per minute (3-round burst)
  • Weight:
7.78 lbs (no sling or magazine)
8.79 lbs (30-round magazine)
  • Length: 39.63 inches
  • Range:
3,600 meters (maximum)
550 meters (max effective point target)
800 meters (max effective area target)

Game relevancy
  • Firing Modes:
Semiautomatic (single round per trigger depress)
Burst (3-rounds per trigger depress)
  • Ammo Capacity: 30-round magazines
  • Special Features / Attachments: Iron Sights
  • Mission Role / Assignment: Infantry Rifleman