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2.5 Mac frozen server list fix - June 6th 2008
Assist started out as a fix for a no longer working server list in America's Army 2.5 for Mac OSX based computers.

"Hotfix B" - June 7th 2008
Second release of the server list fix, released as an installer.


Deploy v1 DEPLOYMENT page
Deploy v1 STATS page
Deploy v1 STATUS page
AA 2.5 Deploy Announcement - October 9th 2008
"I had a look at AA 2.8.4 today and seeing the new deploy client I decided we need one of these for 2.5. So I have started work on 25 Deploy which will do the same thing but will have MUCH more features.
  • Automatically Download and Install 2.5 from one of my servers.
  • Or verify an existing Installation
  • Check and Install Patches (MAC).
  • Check and Update Punkbuster.
  • Check Auth Server and In-game browser is online.
  • Optionally Install Border and Dusk Pack.
  • Optionally Install A separate mAAp pack 4.5 Folder.
  • Built In server borwser to choose a server or find friends and then launch the Game or If a custom map is detected launch mAAp pack.
  • Stats page to view your Clans and your Personal Stats.
  • Player account management.

First Private Beta v0.1 - October 15th 2008
"Hi heres some Initial screen shots of the 2.5 Deploy project, Hope to have a beta release soon, Please PM me if your interested in Beta Testing. I currently have this compiled in Mac OS, Windows and Linux. As stated in a previous post the Aim of this project is to make it as simple as possible to get up and running with AA, 2.5 Deploy will handle the downloading, installing, patching, Pb updates, map packs, player accounts lots more to come."

Beta v0.2 - October 20th 2008
"New version now out, 0.2, it will automatically update and it should fix all the problems listed here so far. Thanks for all the work so far in helping me find the bugs."

Beta v0.3 - October 21st 2008
"New Beta version 0.3 out, This should fix all the bugs now... Get testing and please let me know how it goes."

First Public Release - October 24th 2008

v1.2 - October 28th 2008
  • Fixed Segmentation fault under Intrepid Ubuntu (linux).
  • Better handling of PB Updates (linux).
  • Checks if compiz desktop effects are running and option to turn it off (causes graphics corruption in the game)(linux).
  • Option to change the sound driver America's Army uses to OSS or ALSA. (for those of you having sound problems)(linux).
  • Added a fullscreen/windowed option (All Platforms).

v1.3 - November 1st 2008
  • Automatic download and installation of TeamSpeak
  • TeamSpeak Account Management
  • Built-In Buddy List
  • Online Chat Room Built-in
  • PulseAudio Support AA and TS (LINUX)

v1.31 - November 4th 2008
  • Completely re-written code for launching AA (Mouse Bug) (MAC)
  • SafeMode Mouse driver option (LINUX)
  • Fixed standing dead people bug(LINUX)
  • Option to load-in you config files from you old install (Mac & Linux) (will not show up if your old config files are not there)
  • Fixed major bugs with the built-in chat room (ALL)

v1.51 - November 30th 2008
  • Major re-design of the user interface, Looks more like its part of the game.
  • Ability to join passworded servers.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes.

Addition of the mAAp Pack v1.53 - December 22nd 2008
  • Deploy now gives you the option of installing the mAAp pack, This is a collection of new missions created by the 2.5 community. Deploy automatically loads these maps in when you join a server running a maap mission and then unloads them after.
  • Added support for 5.1 Surround sound (Linux).
  • Fix bug where deploy crashes on minimizing AA in Windows XP.
  • Minor changes to layout of Buddies screen.
  • Removed those annoying tool tips, See the readme instead.
  • Various Bug Fixes.

v1.55 - December 27th 2008
Fix for bad files included in mAAp Pack v4.7b


Assist v1.791 SITREP page
Assist v1.791 TRAINING page
Assist v1.791 DEPLOY page
Assist v1.791 STATS page
Assist v1.791 BUDDIES page
Assist v1.791 SETTINGS page
Assist v1.791 SERVER page
v1.6 - January 3rd 2009
  • For the first time ever, You can run a server on a mac and have it show up in the server list!
  • mAAp fully integrated, mAAp pack maps on Assist server manger run in authorised mode with full authorizion and honor correctly displayed. You can change mAAp maps without the server disappearing from the server list and also the server can be hot swapped between Normal, Border/Dusk and mAAp pack modes without needing separate server installation for each. Server can be switched between modes using the in-game F12 menu.
  • Server is constantly monitored so if it crashes or freezes it is automatically terminated and restarted.
  • Options for HackHunter, PB banlist and Weapon forcing all built in.
  • Display of players currently in the server with ability to pull stats and Background check ETC.
  • Checks ports are open before stating to avoid any problems.
  • Supports MultiHoming so server only binds one network interface.
  • Added Ability to change where deploy stores its files and the AA installation by creating a folder next to the AA-25Assist executable simply called '25deploy'.

v1.63 - January 13th 2009
  • Updates to Hotfix B2 on Mac, To make use of new HSF-SMBS.
  • HSF-SMBS server list moved onto a faster and more reliable server with master lists obtained from multiple sources so should never go down... Hopefully.
  • Assist Server Manager now working properly on All Platforms, Including Windows VISTA, Sorry for the buggy release last time.
  • Added GUID tracking option to Send PB GUID information in the GameSpy query To/From AAOTracker, This provides safer and more accurate tracking.

v1.7 - February 22nd 2009
Update mAAp Pack to v5.0.

v1.71 - February 25th 2009
Many new features and bug fixes but best of all includes the new mAAp pack 5.0, A collection of the best community made missions for America's Army, The New mAAp Pipeline mission included with this pack is based on the upcoming AA3.0 version.

v1.73 - May 5th 2009
PunkBuster update system has been completely redesigned, This should fix all those problems people have been having updating their PunkBuster.

v1.791 - May 20th 2009
(No release notes, only screenshots)

v1.8 - October 2nd 2009
Includes the new mAAp pack v6. Introduces lots of new maps and some re-makes of old maps.

v2.2 - January 7th 2012
First implement of 3rd party authentication system and account management by

v2.395 - February 4th 2012
This version brings many bug fixes, performance improvements and security improvements, and version 7 of mAAp pack.

v7.14 - December 14th 2012
First release compiled by ELiZ.
This version we have concentrated on adding security and enhancing AC efforts.

v7.20 - January 7th 2013
Updated mAAp to v7.2, introducing 7 new maps: City Block, Petrol, Pool Day, Rooftop, SF Contingency, SF Office Assault, Steamroller.
Other map fixes:
  • Player going underneath ice sheet and black ice texture on Ice.
  • Unusable spawn points on Berg.
  • Fixed missing meshes on Dusk.
  • Rendering issue in control room, added zone portals and tweaked objectives on Breakout.
  • Bright lighting and enemy clothing on Rummage.
  • Texture alignment, enemy clothing, default game type, added playerblocks and fixed comm location issues on Aztec.
  • Door warping, sound and scoring issues on Square.
  • Enemy clothing on Shipment.
  • Removed windows allowing Defense to spam Assault on mAAp Pipeline.
  • Rebuilt Ambush roof and added playerblocks in various areas to prevent glitches on SF Hospital.
  • Added extra player slots to Shipment, Berg, Breakout, Ice, Square, Urban Assault, SF Hospital and Pipeline.
  • Added objectives, moved Defense spawn points, fixed clothing, added missing light fixtures, fixed missing sounds, and added playerblocks to various areas to prevent problems on Interdiction.

v7.21 - January 21st 2013
5 new 2.8.5 official Maps added: Canyon, District, SF Old Town, SF Floodgate, River Village.
2 new custom made 2.8.5 Maps added: Residence, Bunker Crisis.
Fixed Antipoke.u Problems.
Lowered the maximum blackout of the flash effect to 12 Seconds.

Assist v7.22 on Linux SITREP page
v7.22 - January 21st 2013
Emergency update to fix issue:
All maps are MD5 checked at startup of Client and Server.

v7.31 - July 5th 2013
Added OpenSlots and MapVote mod.
Bug fixes and security improvements.
Better PB service restriction handling. Auth slot will be closed and Assist will prompt you to fix pb.

Assist v7.34 SITREP page
v7.32 - July 13th 2013
Jonny's last update.
Bug fixes, security improvement and performance improvements.

Assist v7.51 TRAINING page
v7.51 - October 8th 2013
Added SAI images for all the remaining maps
Several changes regarding Security.
7 updated mAAp Maps:
  • Breakout - Changed weapon sounds to be indoor, removed fog, fixed z-fighting on projection panel mesh, adjusted lighting, widened doorways, fixed zone issues. Added new textures, fixed remaining zone issues,custom fit all zone portals, input carriable objective , removed SpankyCameraTextureClient.u, removed fog, increased lighting, added 2 additional ways to second floor, increased number of CommLocations, added more visual aspects, lowered players nade count, added more coverage, added forklift with working forks, added 1 small visual easter egg, added new mission briefing packet, added 1 unique CommLocation basement elevator access. Added a new spawn point for assault in a sewer system, added more rooms, added vent system, moved defense spawn points, added breachable door inorder to grab carriable objective, added 1 breacher to each of the Assault Roles, added additional CommLocations, added helicopter on roof for extraction of objective, increased size of conference room and encased the conference room in glass walls with 2 entrance/exit doors. Added 3 rooms on the first floor, Door breachers are now pipe bombs when enemy views them in hand or on breachable object, added sloped floors for forklift paths, added warehouse shelving, added trash, debris and pipes with player blocking volumes to the tunnels.
  • mAAp Pipeline - Changed surrounding trees to always display, regardless of detail level, fixed alignments of minor objects, rearranged defense spawn points, removed some ladders, lowered lighting quality to save texture size.
  • Bridge Construction - Fixed ladders.
  • Forest - Added some more trees, tested textures.
  • SF Contingency - More fog and reduced lighting quality on some surfaces.
  • mAAp Petrol - Fixed Zone problems. converted restaurant into Radio station. Now able to walk behind restaurant/radio station. Removed APC. Added bushes and random clutter for cover. Filled dumpster behind fast food joint. Fixed/added CommLocations. Various obstacle work. Fixed Objective letters. Re-did lighting. Added Missing SAI Images, updated Petrol SAI. Converted gas pumps to static Meshes. Added to mesh file. Other various fixes. Actually converted gas pumps properly this time. Note to other devs, don't create a mesh out of BSP with a texture in mylevel. It will not work once you reload the map in the editor.
  • mAAp City Block - Fixed fence that blocked bullets. Reworked lighting. Sound fixes.

v8 - January 2nd 2014
This update brings with it AA3 maps, a new server manager, a new GUI and many more features!

v8.0.3 - January 7th 2014
Maintenance update, some of the bugs fixed:
  • After changing password, you are unable to login automatically in the client without removing settings.dat
  • "Download 'filename' failed" when joining server
  • Fixed a huge amount of possible OutOfBound Critial errors. Most were related to either Polls or Shoutbox.

v8.0.4 - January 22nd 2014
  • Added cleanup of the Temporary folder "Pics" that hold thumbnails for maps at approval of TOS
  • Joining as Spectator Admin now works again
  • Server reporting map name as blank fixed.
  • cutting of sessions.
  • Updated version of the MapVote MOD, all new maps are now available.
  • Adjusted the MOTDDisplaySeconds from 30 to 10
  • Added a MOD that if it's enabled sends round results to the Auth server
  • Fixed the issue of having "=" in servername, password, playeradmin or any of the other fields

v8.0.5 - January 27th 2014
Added additional security and AC measures.
Updated Server Manager.

v8.0.6 - January 28th 2014
bDeathMessages fixed.

v8.07 - February 13th 2014
Player PB GUID will be available once again.
Added a tracking module that will send back round score to auth server, so that(when all is in place) we don't have to reply on BT for counting points for HonorLevels

v8.08 - February 14th 2014
Emergency release to fix server crashing.
Re-enabled PBSS.

v8.09 - February 28th 2014
Fix of icons on F1, to show full Honor+Icons.
Additional Fix for Parental Options.
Add of an module that will send all round stats to auth server.
Changed these 2 option that has to do with PB_kicks (pb_sv_PowerMin 24, pb_sv_PowerKickLen 30)

v8.11 - March 16th 2014
New tracker mod and anti-cheat changes.

v8.12 - August 12th 2014
Removed GameSpy query to fix Windows server loop.
Added social media icons to SITREP page.

v8.13 - October 3rd 2014
  • The possibility for admins to double or half the score on a map to promote the usage of a specific map during a certain timeframe.
  • Unicode now shows correctly in the shoutbox.
  • If the user enables it in the 25Assist Client settings, the sound "Get In Position" will be played at the end of each round.
  • Disabled the SAI while demo playback, since it didn't work anyway, so now it shows the classic compass.
  • The 25Assist client don't set ReduceMouseLag=False anymore at each startup.
  • Changing the in game player name is no longer possible in the client, it will open the page instead directly.
  • A new Mapvote Mod version made by Shad.
  • Improved Anticheat on several points.
  • Added SAI information for [mAAp]Forest.
  • Increased the number of spawns on SF Dockside.
  • Temporary disabled the 203 on SF Hospital for a week, a vote will follow in a week.

v8.14 - October 4th 2014
Fixed bug that would report 0 kills/deaths/score to BT

v8.15 - October 18th 2014
  • Fix for FC being tracked
  • Implemented Min and Max honor
  • Added the possibility for Server admins to add spam protection(Nades and 203)
  • Fixed the Map Cycle function of 25Assist Server
  • Added a new command that allow admins to give the same weapon to all players with a single command, afc S24 will give all players the M24 sniper rifle
  • Removed the Screenshot functionality from the 25Asisst Client
Assist Server Manager:
  • All new servers will be set to max honor 130, witch can be set to lower if you want.
  • Make sure to update your Assist Server Manager to gain access to Min/Max Honor and to spam protection timers

v8.16 - October 19th 2014
All 25Assist servers will report that Maxhonor=100, even if the Maxhonor is set to something else(Like 110 or 130) to Hopefully this will allow all servers be tracked again.

v8.17 - October 25th 2014
Tracking should now work again.

Assist v8.18 SITREP page
v8.18 - March 10th 2015
  • Improved download backupserver system that should fix most if not all install issues. A user can also specify what mirror to use.
  • Added an icon that links to on the Sitrep Tab for easy access to's TS
  • Forcing this setting: ReduceMouseLag=False, to avoid certain crashes
  • Added simple hashing of the password when it's saved in settings.dat
  • Replaced some of the built in icons with custom ones
  • Added a ton of new error handling code, so hopefully if you get an error, it will not only say outofbounds or Nil error, it should actually tell what function the error occurred, so that is the information we need when you report an error, what you were doing, and what function was reported to crash.
  • A new SF mod that will provide full points/kills/deaths to
  • Improved download backupserver system that should fix most if not all install issues. A user can specify what mirror to use.
  • It is now possible to start a server in tournament mode
  • If tournament mode is used, the color of the server will be set to default(None), to avoid crashing at the end.
Assist Server Manager:
  • Improved download backupserver system that should fix most if not all install issues.
  • Added an GUI option to enable the new SF Mod.
  • Added an GUI option to enable the new Drop shot protection.
  • Changed the default number of playerslots on a new server from 20 to 26.