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Infomation about gameplay
« on: Saturday, September 10, 2016, 04:54:00 AM »
Stap in game.
If you are a Alpha  :makemyday: ore Delta :style: you may play this game.
Battle aganst other alpha ore delta players starting up when enough players are in game 1 battle a week. Exemple battle for map border ,one will win so the winner gets the border panorama picture under ther name alpha did win so they have 1 of the around 76 maps.
Would be nice that all players choose a site so ones a week ther will be a good gameplay between several players not always the same.
When do we play : stapin is between 21.00 hour  till 23.00 hour  possible on a Wednesday
Time is depending on what map is it.
Its hooping that players know that they are needed in the game and try to be ther .
Wednesday is a day thats middle in the week its not a day that people go out .
Its a try out we can be flexible but know that people like stability. :) 

Futhure :  when all maps are played a team can ask to play for a map that the other team got this challenge will be ask befor gameplay in forum ore in topic.

When all works well and players are comming its possible this gameplay will end in 2 days event but than it needs actieve players and>>>

What can kill this event : bad language , no trust, play unfair !  original setting of the game THX!  :banned:

Ad sertain time we can talk about changes to make gameplay better. but first we must know after time were we must talk about. 

For now my little problem is can i be online all  Wednesday ore ....days   ( I thing i be online alot, if people come  :cool:)  In big clan day i did hope clans were all in game this will also help in this when possible.

Don`t forget Clans  :? split  :? your team in this gameplay Big thx!
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