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Title: WAR
Post by: General_alkos on Wednesday, September 05, 2018, 12:27:14 PM
there's nobody on the server, so I'm waiting for players to divide the war part of my life.

I was twenty four when they attacked my country  (https://s22.postimg.cc/pj6gadfsx/1991.jpg)
my town is located in the east of the country where the war started,I felt that I must report and went to war.

I was the bvp m80 operater https://youtu.be/uEC3uRb_ZXM (https://youtu.be/uEC3uRb_ZXM)I had the weapon with which I shot
-two Maljutka
-top 20 millimeters
I was the driver of the tank M-84 as needed https://youtu.be/VwSpEtkuTww (https://youtu.be/VwSpEtkuTww),(but my vehicle was primarily a BVP M 80 A and a weapon of the same vehicle).
I looked at the worst things in the war(we went to the attack to return one of our villages,my war buddy is stricken from rifles to the stomach,urgent help could not do it and died in my arms.I have seen other last things that should not be written..
when there was no fighting (agreed truce) I went once with BVP M-80 on beer in town.
the second time I came back from the failed action,(there were a lot of our dead when we went to the counterattack)I went into the street with my tank, my house, where the street was dead with fear because they thought the enemy had taken over the city.
It was a privilege to get himself home driving a tank,park it in front of my house and sleep for one night.

players come and can not write, I'm going to play.

in some post earlier Gusso wrote about the war:A part of me has never been comfortable with that - and a bigger part misses it more".
the only thing missing is that you live in a day of the day and you're not thinking about anything!
Bok all