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Media & Art / Some Amateur Photoshop Tutorials
« on: Tuesday, May 08, 2012, 02:23:43 AM »
Yeah I know these non-AA forums are mostly forgotten but I was rummaging though my Artwork folder and came across two tutorials that I made a while ago. Figured I'd post them here for nobody to use. :P Click image for tutorial.

also, I provided the c4d's used in each.

#1 (will download if clicked)
#2 (will download if clicked)

mAAp Project / City Block Map
« on: Friday, March 09, 2012, 12:31:39 PM »
So with a ton of help from Spanky I've been working on an AA map for 2.5. It's my first AA map. It's currently titled City Block but that may change.

Sky now shows stars with clouds (stars may be hard to see in low res video)
Added road lines to side streets
Added dividers to 2 main roads with trees
Some alignment adjusting
Lighting tweaks

Lighting fixes
Zone Portal Fixes
Added Two Objectives
Added Spawns


Some 1080p Screen Shots

« on: Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 13:38:25 PM »
Since honor cannot naturally be gained, we do not take honor claims anymore

Due to the large number of honor claims we are receiving, please follow these guidelines when making an honor request.

Firstly if battletracker currently displays your correct Honor, there is no need to create an honor claim, everything is as it should be. For those who need to claim their honor;

In your honor claim topic,  Please include:

- Your AA username/battletracker account (please provide a link to your battletracker page and make sure your profile is not set to private)
- Your requested Honor
- Proof of you having that honor at one point in time.
We need some form of proof of your claimed honor. A screenshot, draat link, anything that places you with your claimed honor. We understand that sometimes you may not have any proof. We will do our best to help you in these situations.

Please refrain from creating a topic requesting an honor level without posting any information. We're not here to research who you are.

Once the honor modification has been accepted and entered onto the system your thread will be locked.

If you have any problems with your battle tracker account they must be taken up with battle tracker. We are  only able to help you bring your honor to current levels, account issues themselves still need to be taken up with the battle tracker staff on their website. Make a topic at BattleTracker support forum
  and pm homey with a link to the topic if you want to. :P

mAAp Project / Nades in small aim maps
« on: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 18:37:47 PM »
I modified playerstarts to have the M16A2 for all slots minus 1 nade and 2 flashbangs. I kept the smoke though (if they come with M16A2). I also re-did the anti-portals and added more grass and debris.
I think you should remove the nades from all the small maps such as aimfun and what not.

Games & Programming / AA: What does this mean?
« on: Monday, January 09, 2012, 15:19:22 PM »
I joined Zipfer's server from Assist and I got kicked for this:

Anyone know what the hell that means? I don't think it is assist related so I posted this under games.

Game Reviews / Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad
« on: Thursday, September 15, 2011, 22:03:08 PM »

Game: Red Rochestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad
Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Release Date: September 13, 2011
Platforms: PC
Rating: M for Mature

*Note: My graphics are set to medium due to my medicore rig. The game looks much better on higher settings.*

I was looking for a new game to buy 2 weeks ago and this game peaked my interest. A PC exclusive semi-realistic WWII multiplayer shooter set in the eastern front? Sign me up. I picked up the Digital Delux Edition on Steam for $40 because I got a 20% discount for owning it's predecessor, Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 which I got for free off of some Logitech giveaway on facebook and never played. The reason I bought the Digital Delux Edition was to get access to the beta, and it was a good move. The beta provided a lot of fun and let me try out a game that i really didn't know much about. Now that the game is fully released, here is my review.

Red Orchestra 2 (abbreviated RO2 from now on) is based on the Eastern Front of WW2, mainly in Stalingrad, in a conflict between The Soviet Union and the invading German forces. it is a purely multiplayer focused games as single player is just multiplayer with bots. It's different than any other shooter I have ever played. I like to say that it is comfortably in between battlefield and ArmA 2. The game is very realistic but not enough to spoil the fun. RO2 is mainly a multiplayer games allowing up to 64 players in a server. The game launched with 10 maps that is a nice mix between infantry, infantry and tanks, and just tanks maps. they have implemented a unique cover system that I think works rather well. The game also features a great supression ssystem where when there is enemy fire around you your screen blurs a bit and goes black and white. This happens if you are being surpressed by enemy fire or an explosive goes off near you. One shot usually kills unless you get hit in the arm or leg. Also, bolt action rifles aren't useless like in most other WWII FPS games! They usually kill on one hit and are very accurate. One of the great features of the game is a class limit. That means you don't get a team full of snipers as there is usually only 1 or 2 snipers slots available on most maps. that also means you won't have everyone running around with the SMGs either. This makes it more realistic as the majority of the weapons in WWII were bolt action rifles. The maps seem very well designed and thought out. There are 3 types of game modes. The first is firefight which is your typical and lame rack up kills game mode. I have yet to see a server that runs firefight. :P The second, and most widely used game mode, is territory. It is kind of like conquest but on a smaller scale. territory can either be one team attacks and the other defends, or both teams are attacking each other's territories. It is fun as it takes teamwork and competent teammates to win. The last game mode is Countdown. It is a single life game mode with the commander being able to only call in 2 waves of reinforcements. It is an attack and defend game mode. The attackers fight until they either capture the area or the timer runs out. There is a series of areas to capture and when you team either captures them all or the time runs out, the other team has a chance to attack and either beat you faster or just capture more areas to win. The game overall is difficult to get a grasp on as you cannot run n gun and you can die very easily. Once you get the hang of it though it is very fun and rewarding.

An image of the suppression system working.

Now I am not able to play this game at anything more than medium so this is based off of screenshots and videos of the game I have seen. The graphics are average. Nothing special but nothing terrible either. Player models look good but the textures seem to be lacking in some places.

The best sound I've heard in a game since Bad Company 2. The music is great and the sound effects themselves make the game feel very atmospheric. Nothing like hearing German shouts inside a house you are trying to defend or hearing the Russians yell as they advance. The sounds are very realistic as they get very loud when in a house and kind of drown out outside. Also, they did away with the stupid "whoosh" sound people put in FPS games for when bullets fly by you. Bullets don't make a whoosh sound in real life.

I know what you're thinking. Why did he make a separate section for them? Because there are a lot and it needs to be addressed. The game has a ton of small bugs and glitches as well as serious performance problems on AMD hardware. The game crashes a lot for some users and runs poorly in general for AMD users as well as some Intel users. there are a lot of bugs but I have full faith in Tripwire to get the game patched up and running almost flawlessly.

RO2 is clearly not for everyone. If you love the fast paced run n gun gameplay of Call of Duty or battlefield Bad Company 2 you may want to stay away. If you are looking for a semi-realistic WWII shooter then this game just might be for you. I found this game to be great fun and I am glad I took the risk to buy it. The game is solid but points definitely have to be knocked off for the bugs and performance issues. All in all, I'd give it an 8.5 so far. Maybe a 9 once everything gets sorted out.

Games & Programming / Hey Knight
« on: Monday, June 20, 2011, 23:56:33 PM »


Game Reviews / Crysis 2
« on: Wednesday, April 06, 2011, 22:32:21 PM »

Crysis 2 is a disappointment and great fun at the same time.
All of these screenshots were taken by me with the game on "Very High" with no AA at 1440x900. It is not at the max settings.

The story is much better than the first Crysis, but that is really not saying much. The story seems a bit far fetched, like a traditional alien invasion movie. Nomad and Psycho (main characters in the first Crysis and the expansion) are literally nowhere to be found in the game, not even mentioned. I felt that they did it to suite the console gamers (how I feel about a lot of this game) because they wouldn't know who they were. I'm not going to go into the full story because I don't want to spoil the game for anyone, but I will say that it is a rather interesting idea and did not develop how I expected it to. Prophet (squad leader in first Crysis) is the only returning character from the first Crysis along with the daughter of a scientist you save in the first Crysis, that's it. They also give a name to the Alien race, the Ceph. I found that the Ceph I was fighting nowhere near resembled the aliens I fought in the first game, which I though was pretty stupid. Not only does Crysis 2 not stem off from the ending of the first game, it just kinda throws you into the action when New York gets invaded. No mention of what happened when they went back to the island. I am surprised that they even named the game "Crysis 2" since there is only a faint connection between it and the first game. Despite being a bit disappointing, the story does keep you somewhat interested in the campaign.

The gameplay is superb.......once you fix the glaring problems Crytek left when making the game, but we will get into that later. The game is very fun. Some may claim they dumbed down the nano suite by getting rid of the speed and strength modes, but in most cases, it makes the gameplay much smoother. Sure those settings may have worked great in the jungle where you rarely had to jump to high places and there was a ton of room to sprint around, but in the city there are a lot more ledges to jump to and there really is no room to use a sprint feature. Being able to jump high without having to switch to strength mode every time is a great time saver and makes combat much smoother. The nanosuite also has an upgrade function where you can buy upgrades based on stuff you pick up when you kill an alien. The gun play is very similar to the first game and all the customization of your weapons is still there. Except that in Crysis 2 you can actually find SCAR ammo in the map. :P  There seems to be more action in Crysis 2. I found myself in a lot of small areas with a ton of enemies, which brings me to my next point. The game is painfully linear. The huge open areas from the first Crysis are gone, replaced by more constricting areas of New York City. It is not a mostly free roaming game anymore. You still get battlefields that are big and open for you to choose where you want to go, but they are nowhere near as big as the levels in the original Crysis. This is most likely due to consoles not being able to handle huge areas or Crytek's fear that it would be a turn off for the console gamers who mostly like linear shooters. This is probably my biggest complaint of the game. I miss the open world of Crysis. The gameplay is crazy fun though, and it is definitely action packed. I beat the game in about 9-10 hours, which is much longer than a lot of singleplayer FPS games that have recently came out.

A joke. It is esentially a CoD rip off with stupid nanosuite functions. Who's brilliant idea was it to let player use cloak in a multiplayer game? As if camping wasn't already bad enough. The multiplayer is full of bugs and a lot of people are reporting their stats resetting and their unlocked weapons disappearing. But hold on, it gets worse. Crysis 2 shipped with NO ANTI-CHEAT SYSTEM. That is right. The brilliant minds at Crytek felt that an anti-cheat system wasn't needed for a PC game. Good thing I didn't buy this game to play the multiplayer, or I would be pissed.

Now I hate using this word because most of the time it is used by pissy PC gamers when they don't get their way, but it is exactly what happened to Crysis 2. A new story that almost completely forgets the first one, no open world, and a huge mistake that will surely have you saying "What the hell was Crytek thinking?" First off, Crytek though it would be a great idea to ship Crysis 2 for PC with a console-like field of view, which means your gun takes up an insane amount of the screen. This is easily fixable by using the console in game, but it is still an annoyance. The game ships with automatic mouse acceleration and a ton a blur, which have to be turned off through a 3rd party program. That's right, there is no advanced options for graphics. Instead, there are 3 settings. High, Very High, and Extreme. What the fuck was Crytek thinking? Lucky for us, a generous user over at has created a program that lets you choose advanced settings. It also might be worth it to mention that the game only ships with DX9, but it is supposed to have DX11 patched in in a month or so.

The graphics are beautiful once you take all of the shitty blur off. but despite being great, there is still something that bugs me. The graphics are still worse than the first Crysis. Crytek has released this great new engine, and they can't even produce graphics on the same level as their game from 2007? Give me a break. There is no doubt that Cryengine 3 can easily produce graphics beyond Cryengine 2, so why did they not do it? This is most likely due to the game having to be on consoles as well. Even though the graphics are not as good as the first Crysis, they are still better than 95% of PC games out, and that is never a bad thing.

The sound is superb. The music is perfect for each situation and the sound effect are also good as well. The voice acting is top notch and the characters seem alive and not like zombies with a voice talking behind them if that makes any sense.

This game has everything it needs to be a complete disaster, yet it is not. The great gameplay and decent story makes you want to keep playing, and that is a great thing for a single player campaign to do. Despite all of its glaring flaws, the game is still very enjoyable. If you are looking for some great fun and enjoyed playing the first Crysis, I would recommend Crysis 2, but not at $60.


Games & Programming / Why I Won't Buy Things From Gamestop Anymore
« on: Thursday, February 17, 2011, 18:55:03 PM »
So I walked into gamestop today to reserve Crysis 2. I told the guy at the counter that I wanted to reserve Crysis 2 for PC and he said "Oh, so you have one of those $1000 computers that can run Crysis?" It made me remember why I never go to gamestop, the employees are ****ing stupid. This will be the last time I ever get anything there.

Games & Programming / Battlefield 3
« on: Friday, February 04, 2011, 16:12:49 PM »

the game includes jets, prone, and 64-player multi-player. There is also a very lame teaser trailer and the cover art looks lame.

Hardware/Software / PSP2
« on: Thursday, January 27, 2011, 14:11:03 PM »
Sony has recently revealed a lot about the new PSP2, nicknames NGP (Next Generation Portable).


5-inch OLED touchscreen with 960×544 resolution (the current PSP has a 4.3-inch LCD with 480 × 272 resolution)
ARM Cortex A9 core CPU (4 core)
storage: “new type of mini flash memory cards” (definitely no UMDs anymore)
new form factor (Sony speaks of a “super oval” shape)
touch pad on the rear that allows users to “touch” or “push” objects in games from the back
3G and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n connectivity (3G for a portable gaming system is a first)
front and rear cameras
dual analog sticks
tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS controls
built-in stereo speakers, mic
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
size: 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm

This thing is almost as powerful as the PS3.......

Also, Gameplay of Uncharted on the PSP2 (NGP)

Miscellaneous / Internet ID for Americans
« on: Saturday, January 08, 2011, 14:34:49 PM »

Basically, Obama wants every American to have a single internet ID to enhance security and maybe get rid of people having to use a lot of different passwords. Anyone have any thoughts on the idea? For me, I hate the idea. The U.S. government doesn't exactly have a perfect track record for secure IDs as seen by the multitude of identity theft by the way of guessing Social Security numbers. I can't see this as being anything besides a massive ploy to enable the government to track citizens more thoroughly.

Hardware/Software / New motherboard and case?
« on: Tuesday, January 04, 2011, 19:04:17 PM »
I finally have the $140 I need to buy a new motherbord and case. For those of you who aren't spanky, I need a new motherboard because right now my OEM doesn't allow overclocking and I need more performance out of my processor (would overclock from 2.5GHz to 3.0GHz.) I also need a new case because almost every piece of hardware in my tiny case is running at above average temps. So I have the money to buy it, but I'm not really sure that it is worth it. I don't play games all that often anymore, I still do weekly, but not daily like before. And I'm not really sure that the performance increase will be worth the price. Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not to do it?

The Lounge / College
« on: Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 17:37:39 PM »
I have decided to go to The University of Michigan Dearborn to study Computer Engineering.

Not that it is really any concern of you guys, I just though it would be nice to let everyone know.  ;)

Hardware/Software / Graphics Card tests
« on: Saturday, November 27, 2010, 18:10:18 PM »
When I play CoD 4 I get these frequent stutters, kind of like lag spikes. I usually have good internet so I tested it on two other games, STALKER Call of Pripyat, and Alpha Protocol, both singleplayer games. Both get the same thing. So it may be a problem with my graphics card. Are there any tests I can run to see if it is?

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