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Drama & Spam / Re: Uff, y u no let me go 24-4 on defense over and over
« on: Sunday, July 31, 2016, 15:00:18 PM »
Well sry, I remembered incorrectly. Your sense of humor just doesnt fit to me, maybe it would if I would know you better but not fitting because I dont know you.

Drama & Spam / Re: Uff, y u no let me go 24-4 on defense over and over
« on: Sunday, July 31, 2016, 13:25:16 PM »
I was present. I was first in def which I dont like because its boring.. either I do a kamikaze or unfair camp somewhere on the hills, which neither I like. You smoked the spot where I was and it made it impossible to finish what I was doing. Then I went to assault. Well, you were whoring with 203 doing lamest def tactics ever (which btw some KK does also unfortunately) and the rest I dont know as KK swapped me back to def so I left the game because I didnt want to play def anymore. Its too easy, as well as boring. Only kamikaze in def isnt boring but waiting after it is.

I dont know why you anyway behave like you do. That smoking my spot and being always a smartass who thinks he knows things better than others. Also you told a reason for smoking my spot: "because he is a nigger."


Assist Support / Re: Windows 10 - Assist Won't Launch ArmyOps.exe
« on: Friday, July 22, 2016, 06:33:14 AM »
For me it´s working fine, but I canc it and went back to  Wind 7.
Under Win10 I can´t make my brightness higher. It´s quit dark if I played AA on Win10.

Should be same way than in win8 to change brightness. Assist video settings - win8 gamma. Then set that gamma to what you would use in map you play most often. In game you can alt tab to desktop, find gamma control in programs next to clock, right click and settings. Then adjust it, and get back to game. That works for me.

Be aware win7 users that free win10 update ends soon, and after just some years win7 will become like winxp - unsupported. I think part of its support has already ended, it only gets security updates.

Assist Support / Re: Windows 10 - Assist Won't Launch ArmyOps.exe
« on: Friday, July 22, 2016, 04:59:01 AM »
I have win10 and it doesnt need compatible mode with assist. For troubleshooting do what ronski said. Have you tried to reinstall? What if you re-download assist files and try again.

Support / Re: Windows 10 Brightness settings
« on: Monday, July 18, 2016, 16:00:19 PM »
You do the same than with win8. I also use win10. Tick win8 gamma in assist video settings,  in game use what was it F8 and something next to it or do as I, alt tab, next to clock at programs is colorful gamma control icon. Right click, settings and change. Get back to game.

Server Support / Re: Server
« on: Friday, July 15, 2016, 08:24:06 AM »
Yeah I was kidding, but really it would be possible to do so as its a crime ^^

Well, I noticed the same that after ppl were wondering why hosp p.. didnt crash when other servers did, and it also started crashing.

Server Support / Re: Server
« on: Friday, July 15, 2016, 07:17:31 AM »
It was major mistake, which I was never going to bring in public, but the guy whose problem you are here trying to solve, blamed me of badmouthing the company and actually managed to fall into it himself.

Apologie accepted

You could have sued him and got some money for breaking privacy laws through revealing confidential data to outsider.. ^^ especially to outsider who surely plans to use that name in criminal actions.

Server Support / Re: Server
« on: Friday, July 15, 2016, 05:48:07 AM »
yea i made a mistake in the support tickets, i was confused so i did this mistake.... I apologized to was not my intention to give out data to the wrong persons....

again iam very very sorry about this!

Another thing that as a professional networking services provider (game server) you should check logs carefully and you would see that attacks really happened. Even I can see from my server logs that it was attacked, as well as auth server administrators from their logs. Every server seem to be under attack often.

And.. saying sorry is a nice gesture but this kind of things just cant happen, that you give out personal data.

Server Support / Re: Server
« on: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 19:36:21 PM »
Shut up Pit.. ronski said his opinion and good companies appreciate even negative feedback. If someone has an opinion about a service, its good to tell it. You seem to think too much about yourself, and you see nothing wrong in your behaviour but you attack verbally and in other ways those who in your opinion have wronged against you, the innocent and most intelligent person in all the world. I am starting to be afraid of you, not because of myself but because of people who are under your influence especially in real life. Theres something really wrong with you.

Server Support / Re: Server
« on: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 11:21:05 AM »
Alkos, honestly I didnt understand anything you wrote. It was just words after each other. Hopefully someone can translate your post :)

Server Support / Re: Server
« on: Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 14:44:45 PM »
Lol Some of aa admins kids:) thats is the reason why no t4acked

I must disagree. There are enough proofs about it, even if they are not 100% but a banned player as server owner, who has skills and motive to do such crap.... and auth+other things ddossed very soon after taking the tracking off of the server.. at least for me it seems pretty clear. Who else would have motive for that, especially doing it so clearly as a revenge for certain banned player.

You actually can and it's pretty easy;

Thank you! This we didnt study in school nor did I study myself. Seems that MS support person was wrong in this, once I called them about different issue and support guy was thinking audibly, and then he said if Windows is installed with ide/ahci, it cannot be changed.. but of course it could, as well as you can prepare windows for putting it into a wim and installing to another pc. Well, always theres something new to learn :)

Oh yes, if you have installed windows with that old setting, you cant use the new. Good that its solved now!

Yeah I was thinking also as he mentioned Linux. Do you get into grub or directly windows loading? If you anyhow find a working boot dvd for your version (even to get cmd up), do the mbr fix and fixboot, but also then grub needs to be fixed if you want to get again to Linux, and that can be done through your distros live cd/dvd.

That's what I get for not having my morning coffee yet.

Restore is likely your best bet without having to get all technical and nerdy in the command prompt. Start simple, work up from there.

It's hard to know exactly what happened without knowing what the BSOD is.

I recently had a laptop that got totally fucked over by a virus, destroyed the BCD and hard drive partitions. I finally pulled the STOP code out of the BSOD and researched for a while until I came across this lengthy fix:
That took care of it. Hopefully you don't have to go that far :)

Im repeating myself, but I still recommend to give a try to cmd :)

Its not tricky and it doesnt need technician to do it, if you know the simple commands. I wrote three commands that he should try, theres no danger with them. It either fixes mbr and boot sector or not, and then scans for corrupted system files and tries to fix them. Its quicker and more simple than full recover. Done it dozens of times.

Bcd can sometimes be more tricky, but not much that either.

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