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Assist Support / Re: Captcha not working
« on: Wednesday, April 08, 2020, 16:29:30 PM »
Thank you.
Ill tell him to try later.

Assist Support / Captcha not working
« on: Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 16:39:56 PM »
A friend is trying to reset his password at for he does not remember his and the captcha is failing. help?

Assist Support / Re: Hardware Accelaration
« on: Wednesday, June 05, 2019, 13:49:57 PM »
Thanks for replying.

Ive tried "all" combinations of integrated graphic and nvidia drivers. some of them even broke the pc and had to install different ones in safe mode.

I dont think this windows will let me. It was working before I was forced to install the Windows Creator's Update. All the newer games (games with DirectX 10 and above) work fine but none before that is working like UT2k4, CoD4, or AoE2. Ive searched around the webz for answers and apparently nobody with the update was able to "fix" the issue.

Thanks anyway.
Ill just have to go back to the other PC if I want to play

(but I tried the options you told and some more)

Assist Support / Re: Hardware Accelaration
« on: Friday, May 31, 2019, 22:46:19 PM »
I tried to run the installation of directX9.c from the Assist launcher too. no changes.

Assist Support / Hardware Accelaration
« on: Friday, May 31, 2019, 22:39:01 PM »
Any clue? Thanks in advance.

General Chat / Re: Help making an account.
« on: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 14:02:18 PM »
Battletracker is supposed to be down for years now. Now, you register account here:

Might take a few minutes to hours to be activated though. Or be instant. Very inconsistent lol

General Chat / Re: Shoutbox
« on: Wednesday, April 03, 2019, 22:19:55 PM »
I dont understand the cards part but I think I do understand the rest. You're saying a program's behavior is consistent and humans are not. I wont argue with that if we're talking about a ERP vs an accountant since the human can make mistakes or just have a different way to go about things.

Software can have bugs though and this is a game. Players are campers in most fps and since I always play the what I consider to be the aggressive team (Assault, Ambush, Black, West), I feel like 99% of them (defense) camps which means they're always doing the same thing. The easiest thing to predict is human fear, even in a stupid game, especially in this game. And, like I said, they dont headshot coz they point to the knees or chest. Sure, you can stand in front of a bot for 10s and they miss you completely and players wont but you can be passing through a small corridor gap and the bots headshot you from 40m or more away. Im yet to experience that with players.

General Chat / Re: Shoutbox
« on: Wednesday, April 03, 2019, 22:01:52 PM »
I dont understand the point of this thread but I will reply to your opinion on the bots since I was the one who mentioned it.

Sometimes you just open a door, or see a pixel of the bot around a corner, or plenty other situations, and get headshotted. Players never kill me like that, bots do. It doesnt matter if you know the map or not. Their positions change and they move. Players are easy to predict and, even if you dont know how to read the players, they make a lot of noise when they move so you should never get surprised.

Also, smokes and flashes dont affect bots' "sight", only damage, which means you'll get shot through smoke and you will not even see them.

Support / Re: Login fails: PlayerName is too short
« on: Wednesday, April 03, 2019, 13:58:25 PM »
Battletracker is not working anymore

Use to create account for the game. Username can be different from Battletracker and forum. It's its own thing. You should probably not use dot in the username though. I think people are having trouble with it. Also, even if you use the same username as the battletracker, it wont be tracked anyway. You can, however, make an appeal to restore your honor in here:

You already have account no assist?

General Chat / Re: AGAIN DDOS!!
« on: Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 12:06:56 PM »
Its cute, the service provider claims to have DDoS protection but cant even stop 200mbps attack? I havent had a server with less than 1000/200 for over 6 years in UK and Portugal lol

Ask them to figure their shizzles down since you have very limited options. You cant even setup a basic cloudflare service to test and balance load the connections since you probably cant control/edit your dns to make it go through stress test

If he was not able to play anymore he would just have more reasons to setup a bot to start the attack on a schedule. Since he wont be playing anymore, he wont get affected while, at the moment, he probably wont bother since he might be playing and turning it on/off is a boring step lol

"he crashed all servers up"? Can you tell me what servers?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but looking at the logs wont help anyone anyway. Any kiddie knows he cant use his own naked connection to flood. Even looking at timing wont help since its been done so many times and everything is scrambled.

General Chat / Re: AGAIN DDOS!!
« on: Monday, March 18, 2019, 20:42:44 PM »
Im guessing you were posting link to the control panel which only you can access (ideally speaking) so all those links wont give any information.

Also, even if he got banned from assist, how would that help you? Only more fuel to the fire.

Im sure I already told you this but server protection is the server admin's job, not assist admins' job.

News / Re: [BETA] New Registration Page Available Now
« on: Tuesday, March 05, 2019, 08:49:27 AM »
I think ElIz and Vanoke already on it:

Missing recoil and other things but should be easy to code in. A game like this is very easy to create with any decent engine. As developer, you know the only thing that takes take in pvp fps are the physics. Also the server component take a while but, for what Ive seen, they're very capable. UE4 already handles 99% of it as well as color/position matrices and other components that would make this game somewhat complicated. The bulk of a game development is the 3D/Texture components but since they're just updating, they might get it fully working in no-time.

btw, you can still find those maps, updated, on newer installations of AA.

PS: I dont know f they'll include AI for that would also be problematic and the previous versions with npc's were PC only and I dont know if they go that route. I think Eliz participated in the assist project because AA stopped supporting Linux. But I cant speak for him, just what I gather from reading here and there.

Drama & Spam / Re: Addressing some issues
« on: Thursday, February 28, 2019, 18:35:31 PM »
go on with all your lies CPD .... ghosting lol  dont you read when i write to you NOBODY almost comes on discord  what the fuck dont u dont understand ! keep living in your fantasy world at the end your the only one complaining !   11pm your server ? u must be smoking butt piss hash or crack man GTFO with your lies ! your garbage and will always be garbage happy your leaving the game u wont be missed !

Point and case. I didnt insult anyone, did I? but this random guy comes here, calls me a liar, insults me and stuff lol

Yes, my server fills at that time, if I come over with 2 or 3 friends. Ask your friends badboy, ohad, or playtronics, I think they all been there during those few times I got the server going with my friends.

1) People go on discord
2) People dont need to go on discord to ghost (but good try with the faulty sleight of hand)

Youre happy coz you wont have me killing you over and over.

Drama & Spam / Addressing some issues
« on: Thursday, February 28, 2019, 18:21:56 PM »
Rotating maps
I love rotating maps. I hate playing 10m on a map and change it when Im starting to get into it. Or change the map after announcing and when at least 5 of 10 people say "no". I was told Im not a real man because I dont play rotation but some clans, whose acronym I wont say, members cant choose different maps. Always the same, The few times I get on my server I put maps never played anymore.

I'm not comparing my server to others. I'm pretty sure mine has got better hardware and better connection world-wide for it is, probably, the only one connected directly to the Atlantic backbone. If others are better, let'em be, 99% of them arent and a few of a specific clan surely arent. But sure, lets say my servers are actually bad. OK, I'm taking them down. I barely have any interest in this game anymore.

Just dont say stupid things like the servers I hosted were all modded coz the Come, Play, Die (the one I care about) is purely vanilla straight from the assist download and exported with motd, admins and a few other settings changed - didnt even change the rules file on that one.

Also, I was told my server only worked during 2pm in USA, thats bs, its been overfilled at 3am this time so arround 9-11pm (estimated time since usa have huge gap in timezones) there?

Some clans are so innovative, the only forceclass they do is mos, sometimes svd, or m9, or stupid rpg with only 3 rockets. Forget about advanced forceclass like we have on our servers. Where are the R, AR, SPR, AK and other cool classes that actually make sense in the maps instead of a freaking MOS that doesnt register half the shots for people across the pond? "No, we're losing, lets give RPG and spam. Oh yes, finally killed him. Im going to say some snarky comment when I die" (that might ot might not be certain canadian guy that his clanmate are saying he doesnt talkback and a guy with more hours in this game than anyone who still spells "raport" when he's been told many many times.)

Having fun
I'm 30, thank you. I have IRL people to interact with and play with, if we're not doing other things. This game lost all of its appeal with one clan monopolizing everything and spamming chat with invitations and random stupid things like "we have 6 players, can we get 7?" The sight of desperation is nauseating and makes me lose all interest in the game. The game is stagnant and being monopolized killed it.

I dont know how to have fun but I took a little funny, friendly stab and someone overreacted with a massive wall of text. Yes, the irony is not lost on me. The thing is, I didnt namecall of insult, just said someone's skill was lacking severely. This one persona actually insulted me but Im the one who cant have any fun :(

But seriously, jealous of what?

How can someone claim to put everyone of one clan on the same side if everyone and their mothers are of that clan? Thats the problem. If everyone is of that clan, there cant be such thing as everyone from the same clan on the same side. Its annoying. Every time I come here I see a huge message roll of the same guy asking for people to join his server, saying his clan is recruiting and other things related to the clan.


That was offtopic, sorry. Serious, obvious ghost is obvious. On occasion I tell my team ghost is coming and I bait it and, oh god, how obvious can you be using the admin panel to track people? Good thing almost everyone in that one clan is easy kill without having to try.

Yes, most of the actually good players left. I never considered myelf a top-tier player but now I have to give myself all the reasonable handicaps I can just to be a little more even. At least when my opposing team is that one clan. When that clan didnt exist, the bad players would be spread out and it wouldnt be so bad because I could carry the team or fail but it would be a team effort, now we just steamroll them and I dont need to do anything, my team is good enough to kill them all or do objective. This, combined with everything said so far, equals to the lack of fun in this game during 11pm UTC and later.

This game is finally dead... but ill still popup once in a while to see if its got a second wind. GLHF

PS: Yes, Im an asshole, but a fair, impartial one at that.

AA Support / Re: Can't Move in Single Player Mode
« on: Saturday, February 09, 2019, 20:46:04 PM »
That's not it.

You need to forceclass to start moving. open console (for me is รง) and use command like: class r

Of course you can choose other class beside R.

also, fly command (and walk to reset fly) may help you. also ghost command to let you through walls (walk commad resets this aswell) or god to become invulnerable to damage. I forgot the other commands to follow projectiles but you can find in the wiki.

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