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General Chat / Re: LGC - Lets Go Canadia
« on: Monday, October 10, 2022, 16:51:03 PM »
joe--I don't know who you are after battletracker..
but to be honest after all the messages in shotbox if it was about me I would have a lifetime ban!!
play people!!!get rid of private things..
and let me say at the end--I've been playing for so many years that I recognize zibi and the like!!
every such player is the next without question is banned..
feel free to complain to anyone--I've been playing aa2 for 20 years without a single mistake, let alone a complaint about my account and game!!

General Chat / Re: America's Army 2 Remake - Army Ops in development
« on: Wednesday, October 05, 2022, 15:44:41 PM »
coden was drunk when he wrote this.. i guarantee..
you know that I am against Russians and the like...
but the coden "former moderator" called after a couple of years..koden i know you play very well..better gather some players if you care about aa2!!
the same applies to all assist admins while there are still players at aa2!!!!!!!!!

aapg is slowly shutting down (I see some good servers have shut down)..but aa2 is still alive after so many years


General Chat / Re: Joe131 - Assist Admins, Please Respond
« on: Tuesday, August 16, 2022, 17:14:33 PM »
Tedy_medy-I think you should ban JoE131 from shootbox..I quote--hopefully you die peacefully like in game's just not right and there would be a lot of insults on a health basis..even when I was in a real war, I never wished something like this on the enemy....a man has cancer and it is unacceptable to write about his health condition..I thought it was said in anger the first time, but every day the insults are getting worse..

Support / Re: Can't Donate
« on: Monday, August 01, 2022, 17:54:13 PM »
you see that you don't have an answer to the donation for a few days!!!

who are you trying to donate!! there are only campers left in the whole game..assist admins don't play aa2 for years but other games..
if I were an assistant admin, I would have renounced the formal responsibility of admin a long time ago..
Eu server has no more players!when badboy shuts down the servers, there won't be a single player left..
fuck it.. when I asked the assist admins to return some old maps to their old ones.. they didn't want to...little by little there are no more players..that's why you have no one to fucking donate to aa2


Support / Re: No SF Weapons For Some Players.
« on: Friday, March 11, 2022, 12:21:52 PM »
Put training again for tytanowy.janusz :D

General Chat / Re: America's Army 2 Remake - Army Ops in development
« on: Saturday, February 26, 2022, 18:15:11 PM »
Let me say a few words!!
I play aa2 and aapg ..
as things stand on aapg now (closing official servers, a matter of time before everything closes).
many of my friends asked me if that happens..what are we going to play?I said Army Ops!!
I said that the game is the closest to aa2 and that it should be played ..

one remark, (I think Daniel's name is administrator)
I bought for rehearsal a year and a half ago from you Beyond Enemy Lines: OPERATION ARTIC HAWCK
Now is your only and real chance to take advantage of the fall of aapg!!
fix the flaws and I think a lot of players will come to you!!
do your best Daniel, now's your chance!!


General Chat / nine o'clock in the evening (winter), not a single player
« on: Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 15:59:00 PM »
you know I love AA2 and have been here for years!!
i have had a server for years but don't embarrass aa2 with this state!
AA2 is the best game for me but there are no more left aa2 on the lgc server, grandma but that's not enough .. :censored:
i don't understand assist admin haven't played this game in years(just log in to the shootbox sometimes and that's it)..
maybe it's time to play aa2 or give power to some others who play and want to improve the player base..
you fucked Merlin a long time ago, vanoke etc..and where are you now,at least they knew a lot and played aa2 unlike you assist admin
no fucking assist admin is playing AA2


aren't you sorry to see that there aren't any players!!

General Chat / Failure to assist the admin
« on: Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 16:03:40 PM »
I have to say this..
If I or someone like me played aa2, let alone any of the assistant administrators, the server would not be empty !!
I just wanted to say that the game comes from the admins themselves and the admin has not been in the game for ten years.
I know by my servers in aaa2, aapg if there is no admin there are no players..
so don’t be surprised that there aren’t a single player on the servers..
there is no support, there is nothing!!
this annoys me all so I had to write !!

turn off the game, when you are not playing it and you see that there are no players..


finally something smart from Croatia
the whole electric car..

Media & Art / Re: More than enough
« on: Thursday, April 22, 2021, 17:56:07 PM »

for us seniors who have gone real through wars..
also always for aa2!!!

Media & Art / More than enough
« on: Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 19:00:39 PM »

what to say;)

Support / Re: PunkBuster Problem : REWARD 500$
« on: Sunday, April 04, 2021, 14:46:35 PM »
I wonder why you give $ 500 and you are not active in the game ??
as i said in the last fifteen years i have barely seen you play aa2...??

Support / Re: PunkBuster Problem : REWARD 500$
« on: Sunday, April 04, 2021, 13:57:24 PM »
appreciate this rescue attempt a2!
let everyone make an effort let it be fixed...
even though I’ve only seen you a couple of times in the game:)

« on: Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 13:17:30 PM »
Ouch, they used to be a big player in the game.

Feel free to drop me a PM if you guys need hosting and we can work something out.

I sent you a pm

« on: Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 13:16:11 PM »
I had a server on vilayer . Cancelled after 1 month. No reply on question no further help to set up server correctly.

my server is still on but if I cancel my payment there they don't provide servers for assist anymore since last year.
Maybe if you ask them they can still hook you up with a decent server to rent.
There's not much choice left if you want to rent.
The only provider still offering assist servers :

Greetings ,

I have been to Nitrad before but as you say they no longer offer rent for assist.
thx on the answer

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