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Games & Programming / A game bundle you shouldn't totally skip
« on: Monday, February 13, 2017, 16:02:27 PM »
Humble Bundle has just started selling today a new bundle which is quite a thing you are not supposed to miss if you call yourself a gamer. Almost all of the included games are, in a way or the other, very good games or even masterpieces (like Super MeatBoy, The Witness, Day of The Tentacle, etc etc etc).

It also includes a few books and audiobooks, i believe.

It's currently priced at 30 Euros (about 28.22 dollars), but really, it's worth every single cent.

Hardware/Software / New pc build
« on: Friday, January 06, 2017, 13:17:30 PM »
I'm planning to replace my old system with a new Intel based one. I haven't set a very tight budget, but I plan to keep the cost of the whole build under 1200/1300 euros. I'm asking opinions and ideas about improvements that can be made.

So, I've already looked around, and considering my needs I ditched out Skylake cpus in favour of Haswell ones (performance is quite similar and they run cool enough).
Unfortunately Skylake cpus and mainboards cost a fair bit more, and it also uses ddr4 instead of cheaper ddr3.
List of the parts:

Mainboard - Gigabyte Ga-z97 D3
CPU - Intel i5 4690k (the difference between the non-k and the k version is tiny, I wouldn't mind an overclock eventually).
Ram - 2 modules of 4gb Corsair 2133mhz ddr3.
Hd - WD Blue 1tb, 64mb of cache, obviously in the 7200 version.
Ssd - a Samsung 750 in the 240gb version.
Power supply - an XFX xtr 650w unit (they're rebranded Seasonic units)
Case - an Aerocool Vs 1 (it's cheap, I know)

The video card should be a 1070, I haven't chosen yet (probably a gigabyte windforce or a Zotac). All of the parts except for the card and the ssd will cost 600 euros. The card will be around 420/430 euros, while the ssd is around 90/100.

Media & Art / Non Euclidian geometry-based games
« on: Friday, September 30, 2016, 12:46:51 PM »
I guess the title wasn't really self-explanatory, was it? Well, I won't get down to the theoretical bits, watching the videos below will get you a hint of the possibilities and experiences you can have in-game through this kind of "impossible geometry".

First, an AA2 level.

Then, Antichamber. Its a puzzle game which requires you to think outside of the box (while "offsetting" or defying your preconceptions about a 3D world) to actually get through the levels.


Last but not least, Hyper Rogue. This game uses an hyperbolic plane to create a huge and procedurally generated world, which makes it both more "random" in a way and almost next to impossible to get back to a place you have been, aswell.

General Chat / One of our players passed away...
« on: Thursday, September 15, 2016, 09:33:49 AM »
I've just learnt about one of our players and forum users, Choogelaar, who unexpectedly passed away on September 1st at the age of 41.

May he rest in peace...

He leaves behind his wife, two step daughters, one son and one daughter. A friend of the family has set up a GoFundme campaign to give the family some support. You can find it here.

Miscellaneous / Awesome tiny engines
« on: Sunday, July 31, 2016, 14:36:45 PM »
As the title says...tiny awesome engine presented by VisioRacer (perhaps someone already knows that channel).
The W32 at 3.40 and the hot bulb one at 2.40 are my fav.

Hardware/Software / Hardware update gone wrong: status fixed and running r6 Siege!
« on: Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 08:52:06 AM »
Well, I had a pesky Nvidia gtx 660 getting dusty in a corner, so I felt like swapping the old 9600gt I had in a desktop pc build with it (also swapped a ram module while I was at it). Mind you,  both the ram and the card are working (they come from another rig). Swapped the hardware, booted up the pc...booted up fine, but once the Windows loading screen appears, I get a BSOD (and it also flashes out damn quick).
I tried swapping back to the older hardware it used to run with, but nothing. It just does the same thing. Also tried to clear the CMOS (admittedly wouldn't work if its a bsod, I guess).

So, I got no clue -_-' I was worried drivers could create issues but I never had issues like this, if that is the case (besides, both the new and the old one are Nvidia cards).

P.s. system specs:
Intel g1620 (yap, don't ask)
Asus h61m-k mainboard
Antec psu (380watts one, I guess its an Earthwatts model)

Hardware/Software / Looking for a new mouse
« on: Thursday, February 25, 2016, 07:55:35 AM »
As the title says, so it is. My old Logitech m100 has come through years of work and games, but its now showing its age and basically, its not even tracking properly anymore.
So, I'm looking for a new one! I have seen a few reviews, and I'm oriented for a compact unit (I don't like bulky, heavy stuff). I've seen a few reviews about the main Razer/Steelseries models, and I can't decide between the Kana v2, the Sensei Raw (which seems to have build quality issues) and the Abyssus (which doesn't have sidebuttons, tho).

Any suggestions? I've also looked up the Deathadder btw, but its kind of pricey. Maybe ill be able to find some discount on, gotta check.
P.s. its kind of obvious I don't care about built-in macros and such stuff. I always used to play with very basic mice.

Media & Art / 360 full motion tour of the College Humor office
« on: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 14:59:42 PM »
As the titles says, College Humor hired a group to record a tour of their office in full motion at 360 degrees. As far as i know, the interactive 360 motion works on the mobile youtube app, provided that you got a device which feature a gyroscope (nearly all of the smartphones and tablets available these days have one). Desktop users will probably only be able to watch a "3D to 2D" version of the full motion video.

Open the link with the YouTube app, and start twisting your device around!

Games & Programming / Cooperative FPS anyone? (Player VS AI)
« on: Friday, February 20, 2015, 07:11:43 AM »
I noticed Avguste thread, and thinking about cooperative games (fps) i was wondering...does anyone here play some? I mean, i loved to play AA2 for the cooperative missions, but there aren't many good coop fps around, and pretty much nothing close enough to AA2 for that kind of gameplay. Sometimes i play Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead 2 (i also got Natural Selection 2 but never fired it up >_> ).

So, does anyone play something like those? :)

Drama & Spam / AAC, prove me wrong
« on: Thursday, February 12, 2015, 17:36:04 PM »
Putting on Drama&Spam, even if considering the person it could still go in Hall of Shame.

Wrong koden, my logins in AA:PG last online was 2014 October 3rd and 16th, u can ask aapg admins for my logins.

This is my steam profile

You tell me something I have never done it, you always tried to be so intelligent koden, maybe keep in topic or you have some other powers about talking to someone else?  Admin to accuse someone, yes I can go on and do trouble, and you think I can't do anything to this game? When I lose temper I can barely give a fuck about anything, pushing over the line I can return something in ''favour'' so don't try and play me, you had not a single AA government licences to do anything to this game, imagine it all going down, all that work just falling apart.

Again, no you're lying, and congrats once again for threatening people when it's actually about yourself!

Let's put the timing down:

Someone known as ProKillA gets banned on the aapg TW servers (must've been late December or early January, about a month ago anyway).

He proceed to appeal for his ban on the TW forum (with a different name).

After insulting/threatening for a while (and you actually got banned from that forum aswell), he gets noticed of the youtube video i've posted earlier, and he comments as  Robertas Vinciunas on that video. Fun fact, Robertas Vinciunas's channel still has IGC videos on it.

Robertas's channel showing some old IGC videos (at the bottom end).

I really wonder who's Robertas Vinciunas. /sarcasm


Just PM me on this website or [email protected]

And koden, don't get me wrong but drama is good and needed for this game to keep community active, If i had a bad day at work or just want to start some discussion even if it was abusive I would go on sb.

Media & Art / One of the stuff i've worked on recently
« on: Sunday, November 23, 2014, 14:40:07 PM »
So hmm, i think i might like to know what you guys think of this book cover i've worked on recently. The text is Italian of course but it's pretty much "fictional" as it's mostly a proposal within the layout (it's not the exact text that could go on it), anyway it's a book about an adventure on the Kilimangiaro. 

Page of appreciation in case you want to express some ^^ ->

(click on the pic to enlarge it slightly)

Miscellaneous / Prank gone wrong
« on: Sunday, September 28, 2014, 06:46:08 AM »
The video has been posted a few days ago, and i guess pretty much a lot of people have seen this already...

Basically the guys pranked the car owner, and he shot a tazer...what a moron.

Games & Programming / Hat_Dogs
« on: Saturday, June 28, 2014, 10:31:39 AM »
Watchdogs done...right.

Miscellaneous / Blown head gasket - going to look for another car
« on: Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 15:16:26 PM »
So hmm (wasn't there an engine and stuff section once? w'ever) basically my car blow the engine head gasket a few days ago. Aside of making me IMMENSILY happy (sic!) because the mechanic asks for no less than 300/400 euros (he can probably shave some off by not replacing some parts but in the long run it won't be worthy) and therefore it's not worthy since the car is 23 years old and not worth half of that (its an old Fiat Uno). Sooo...this allows me to look around for a new car. I really like the 1st and 2nd generation Toyota Yaris, but  also fancy the Fiat Panda for the engine (simple and overall reliable) and the Suzuki Swift cause the engine are fine and the car seems sporty. Any idea?

P.s. yes it has to be a small car with a rather small engine.

Games & Programming / Looks like a new trend...
« on: Thursday, May 01, 2014, 12:56:46 PM »
Looks like as of late there's a new trend of terribly bad games coming out. Aside of Surgeon Simulator, you might have heard or seen pics from Goat Simulator (yes, exactly what the title stands for)

Except that the game consists of a single level, which makes for about an hour gameplay. Of nonsense combos.

And Viscera Cleanup....yeah. That gross. Even less entertaining.

And today i noticed this new one on the Steam store.

"Into the Dark: Ultimate Trash Edition"

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