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Assist Support / Solution for the wrong Download-Server selection in 25Assist.exe
« on: Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 07:37:02 AM »
Hello all / Hello admins,

I have tried out an workarround for selecting automatically the "correct" download server, which seems to work. Maybe this will prevent some starting fails of new users...

Methodology of the solution:
1.) Downloaded from and extracted it
2.) I created a new folder called "25Assist" next to the 25Assist.exe (root folder).
3.) Within the 25Assist folder I have created a file called "settings.dat".
4.) I have opened the settings.dat with Notepad++/Visual Studio Code and inserted in the line 71 "" (without the quotes!)
5.) Saved the file !
6.) Now I started 25Assist.exe (if the first dialog asks if "25Assist" folder should be used instead of the standard one -> Confirm with Yes)
7.) Accept the terms
8.) Log In !
9.) Now you can Download the game and the Assist should download from One can verify this buy pressing "Find" instead of "Dowload" and look under Settings.

Providing the solution:
(Can be done by Admins maybe):

Add in the ZIP of 25Assist the folder "25Assist". This folder have to include the "settings.dat" which contains at line 71 "" (without quotes)

Alternative manually solution:
Add an "README.TXT" into the ZIP of 25Assist which contains the information to change the Download-Server to

Warm regards,

Server Support / Server Configuration Files always overwritten by default file
« on: Thursday, July 14, 2022, 10:27:33 AM »
Hello all,

for configuring my AA25 server I am using the AA25 Assist Server Manager which works very fine, except the issue that always when I restart my server the application redownloading some server configuration files and overwrites my edited files. This applies to the "aa25srv.ini". I could just detect a message in the command line tool:
"Downloading Server Configuration Files...
Installing Server Configuration Files..."
When this happens, the tool downloads a 7z archive called "server821.7z" with some default server configuration files and overwrites therefore all changes I did. Is there anyway to prevent this step without the need of finding a "nasty approach" ?

I would highly appriciate when someone can clarify this.

Warm regards,

AA Support / Commands for query an AA25 Server
« on: Tuesday, July 05, 2022, 04:46:01 AM »
Hello everybody,

I am planing to write some scripts for querying AA25 servers. I just made such a tool 15 years ago using Visual Basic and now I want to implementing it in python or other scripting language. Unfortunately I cannot find any informations about the query command strings and how the UDP datagrams are constructed.

Two questions:
(1): Is it still possible to query an AA25 server which is ran by 25Assist Server Manager using the Query Port or is the querying restricted to the 25Assist
(2): Can someone provide informations about the query commands ?

As far as I remember, AA25 is based on unreal engine, isnt it ?

best regards,

AA Support / Idle Kick Bug
« on: Thursday, June 30, 2022, 04:25:40 AM »
Hello together,

what is the reason for the Idle Kick Bug and how we can solve this ? Is any programming effort needed here ? If so I can help out here.

Maybe someone knows more information about this ?!

Best regards,

Server Support / AA Server on VPS is listed as offline
« on: Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 13:56:40 PM »
Hello together,

i have just decided to host an own AA25 server and rent a VPS server with Windows Server 2019 Software. However, I have installed the AA Server Manager Tool and went trough all steps listed in the "AA25 Server Guide" by User "Bockmist". When I launch the server I see several output log informations in the console application with the "AuthOk IP-Adress" text. According to the "AA25 Server Guide" this is a good thing, but unfortunately in the 25Assist Client my server is listed but marked as "Offline". Did I missed here any other important step ?

Any help is much appreciated !

Best regards,

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