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The Lounge / Best PC SetUp for 2016
« on: Wednesday, March 09, 2016, 17:06:54 PM »
... any suggestions ... preferably Asus.

Hardware/Software / Windows 10 => disappointment
« on: Friday, February 26, 2016, 02:45:14 AM »
... even bigger than Windows 8 / 8.1.

Once there was Win7, nice looking and fast OS from Redmond - peak of technology and capabilities at that time...

...but then comes the win8 with UI aka Win2000 - three steps back - and stupid idea of Integration. BTW. Still I don't understand the reason behind removing Menu Start Button. we have Win10 with UI all the way back to Win3.1 - six steps back - for those who don't know: it was very first Win OS. They fixed (some kind of...) the Start button, with full Integration ... but wth f*****up security ... and Cortana - just a joke.

In the range 1 / 10:

So how you guys like this new (not really) OS aka Win10: The beginning aka Win10: Origins

The Lounge / How Gun Control Made Australia Safer Than America
« on: Saturday, December 12, 2015, 15:56:31 PM »
! No longer available

... your thoughts?

Ps: Can someone move this to the Lounge section - thank you.

General Chat / Quickswap "bug"
« on: Monday, September 21, 2015, 08:09:48 AM »
@ronski: I don't need translation - especially from English to English... btw. I have specially dedicated gaming room with Surround system in it, so I'm not using headphones neither.

If we COULD fix it, we would. But banning people for using it when it can also happen per accident is a no-go.
It's not about banning but fixing the problem. I don't know to what extent can you modify that game, but putting simple condition / check (in every executable function like jump, prone etc.) for Pawn.Weapon.IsInState BringUp or PutDown should do the trick - this will block its execution ...
... or more realistically: in addition call Pawn.DropWeapon - as above plus will force to drop current weapon.

General Chat / Vacation ...
« on: Sunday, July 19, 2015, 20:08:17 PM »
... so, where you are or where you will be this year?

Drama & Spam / So much drama ...
« on: Thursday, February 12, 2015, 23:30:52 PM »
... and I thought, you people are civilized adults ... it was one big false impression on my end I suppose.

Ps: But there is bright side - I didn't saw so many people on this forum at one for a long time.

Miscellaneous / ARMA 3 Public Server Teaser [161st V-SOAR]
« on: Tuesday, December 09, 2014, 14:38:12 PM »

Media & Art / One Radio Stream A ...
« on: Sunday, November 23, 2014, 17:37:50 PM »
NERadio House & Trance - INT (192k)

(Copy the link to your player URL)

The Lounge / Bionics, Transhumanism, and the end of Evolution ...
« on: Sunday, November 09, 2014, 17:51:31 PM »

Drama & Spam / Americans and their guns ...
« on: Friday, October 10, 2014, 18:49:51 PM »

The Lounge / ArmA 3 - Hardcore - If you're good enough...
« on: Wednesday, December 04, 2013, 15:01:04 PM »
161st V-SOAR - Join the Fight []

Feedback & Suggestions / [Poll] Banning Policy...
« on: Sunday, October 20, 2013, 19:44:10 PM »
I think, that banning policy is too strict. Banning for certain amount of time plus decreasing points of experience will be more efficient. What you guys think..?

Edit - Poll:
Read the first five pages before the vote.

Introductions / Hi guys!
« on: Sunday, August 25, 2013, 19:13:52 PM »
What's up..? I'm new here, but I follow this forum for some time already (since the release of AAO25 Assist).
I'm impressed at how well you guys are keeping alive this old game. There is many good things, but I've seen bad stuff too...
Anyways, I have good knowledge of Unreal Engine (1,2,3) - codding, mapping, not net testing because of poor internet connection (Wi-Fi) - and I can help...  :style:

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