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News / Re: Welcome new Assist Staff HellB0Y!
« on: Saturday, June 01, 2024, 12:44:06 PM »
I already saw on shotbox the first day and congratulated!
Congratulations Hellboy

I still believe in the assist admins who have remained until now, Tedy_medi, Bart, Possessed, Nick, Kilaman.. (I know that they are all honest,they never cheated:):))
As we got rid of this idiot who cheats,that's how we'll deal with the next one as well

If he asked me, I would give him a lifetime ban!!
To be an example to everyone and even like this, he won't be able to play on the servers because none of the players will want to play with an idiot, a cheat anymore. (he made fools of us all)
There were a lot of players who stood up for the idiot, even argued with me privately, I originally banned him, but I removed it under pressure from other players
Next time try to trust a player who plays for twenty years without sound, just for fun, most every day and sees every change in other players.
Well done once again to Bart

You see now, Bart, that it wasn't for nothing that we attacked Chavez for weeks and the idiot cheated.. Well done Bart for exposing the idiot so that he doesn't make us fools

I never liked the players who play for fr and camp.
I've been playing without sound for 20 years, just for fun

considering Kurt Cobain, your avatar, I think you should give up drugs:):)
look again and play with it

Nice, it's not unusual for anyone when someone knows where you are and shouldn't know!!
I am so glad to see that we are all equal:):)
All players who play this this is normal and they don't mind when they get killed easily??
If it's normal for you all, it's normal for me too,haha

It happened to me many times that when I play with him he knows where I am and he shouldn't know!

here is a video that proves that something is wrong
Tommy hid from the very start of the game and didn't move. Hello, does Cavez know where he is?? I never know where the enemy is like him.
Watch the last game where he hides in the room from the beginning and listen to him above you! he knows it's there and he's just thinking of a way to kill him, which isn't obvious, but he jumps and kills me before time runs out...

Bart, don't defend him like other "pro players" because I played with him and it happened to me many times, especially on maps where there is time to play
I just want all players to have the same chances in the game!!

General Chat / Re: HOSPITAL
« on: Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 03:44:46 AM »
I will lock this because there is no progress

General Chat / Re: HOSPITAL
« on: Monday, March 11, 2024, 19:05:34 PM »
Alex-kilaman-I just played a couple of hours of aapg and their base has drastically decreased.
He hasn't been possessed for long and you are the only hope to end the rpg and return 203 to the hospital.

don't miss this chance because im thinks it's the last!!

to remember you all at all! to assist admin at all!!

anyone with any brains will understand
assist admin power, who never even played
because of these and similar things, you don't have the capacity to do anything because you couple of assist admins closed themselves, you protect yourselves, you don't allow anyone to enter your place, and a lot of smart people have passed.
if you don't like this post, kick me out forever!, because you won't be around for long if there are no players!!

Support / Re: America's army installation folder
« on: Monday, March 04, 2024, 16:26:30 PM »
come to the hospital when the assist admin returns 203.. and not the fucking rpg

General Chat / Re: HOSPITAL
« on: Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 02:28:19 AM »
It was not a hostile tone, but I was tired of ten years of fighting to return 203..

You did not understand me when I said that the voting was know how many players had a dozen accounts and voted that way.
Do not change if there will be a bug on the roof, but try if you can.

Thanks for anything that can be done

General Chat / Re: HOSPITAL
« on: Monday, February 19, 2024, 17:59:38 PM »
the community did not vote, but the same players voted more than once!!
Why does someone always have the authority to change hospitals and not even play hospital?!!
I have been here for 20 years and I know everything that happened..
I say that it is good to put 203 instead of rpg, and I play the hospital the most of all.
And you do whatever you want, because a couple of assist admins, who don't play aa2 at all, ask you everything anyway.

Ultimately, ask the players what they want, not your opinion, who don't play aa2 at all!
let them vote..

General Chat / Re: HOSPITAL
« on: Tuesday, February 13, 2024, 15:35:07 PM »
I knew that you had everything about aa2  :up:
Now all that remains is for the assistant admin to return the old hospital??
Join forces with possessed, other assist admins and solve it..
Thank you

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