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General Chat / Re: 25assist ERROR
« on: Tuesday, July 03, 2012, 16:48:27 PM »
1) Check the temperatures of your CPU and GPU with HWMonitor or CoreTemp.
2) As your screenshot shows you got permission problems. Try to run Assist as administrator.

1. Temp. CPU when i play was max. 54C for both core!
2. Not fix my problem! But when i run  as administrator i dont have massage about permisson problem.
3. I have antivirus: avast & scan was good.
4. I update graphic card drivers and derfag harddrive!

25assist have version 64 bit?

General Chat / Re: 25assist ERROR
« on: Monday, July 02, 2012, 04:47:18 AM »
I haven't error message, when i playin my computer stoped, screen, sound stop and is out of order, only restart pc for button fix problem. ctrl+alt+del - not working!
Yesterday i minimalized game and look web and i have same problem - that was crazy!
10-15min i was play normal and next i have this problem and must restart pc.
I think it's a problem with CPU but why?
When i play on another games (AA 2.8.5, AA3) i havent this problem. Only on this ver. AA :(

When i open AA:

General Chat / 25assist ERROR
« on: Sunday, July 01, 2012, 18:05:44 PM »
Hi all,
Ty for this ver. AA.

I have a problem, when i playin AA i have many errors and my PC go out, only restart PC fix my problem! The game was stop, i cant do anything, only restart for button fix error. I was restart pb, game, graphic card! Whose know why i have this problem? I have win7! Pls help!

Hooah VSF clan & CFC corp.

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