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Title: a song, a memorial to my war friend who died
Post by: General_alkos on Thursday, May 14, 2020, 17:05:52 PM
the pictures will say it all...
one of my comrades, friends who lost their lives ..
not to mention those who killed themselves after the war,propyl and destroyed the lives of..
I feel sorry for all the warriors, fighters all over the world who defended theirs..that's why this song for everyone, and a memory of my friend's deceased 

(for those who do not know about the war, and everything about the war let them only know that they never give theirs)we Croats paid dearly for ours!!!

I feel sorry for all such and honest people who lost the war with the war.
a pension of 1,000 euros meant nothing to him, as it did to most who were at war..(Fuck the money and you have no more life)he was only 53 years old..
the corona virus is in effect and only 30 of us were at the funeral,and there was to be an honorary platoon!!
for all my war friends!