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Howdy from -=TEF=-
« on: Saturday, August 01, 2015, 02:39:05 AM »
First off, my name is Mike aka -=TEF=-]Menace[ in game.

I figured since myself and sureshot keep getting asked if TEF was a new clan I would make this post.

visit our site at

I have been playing AA from the start (2002 I believe version 1) lol very buggy but myself and a good friend (-=TEF=-BVRS) played it off and on at first but after a few updates AA became our second life. lol My kids at that time would watch us play and were always wanting to try but I wouldn't let them due to age. Eventually I got them playing and it was their idea to start a clan. TEF was founded by myself, sureshot and elite (my two sons) in November of 2006. TEF was all about AA, no other game. We grew to about 20 or so members, made some awesome friends over the time several of whom I/we still connect with. When AA stopped being upgraded and with the newer games being released, TEF moved on to the Battlefield game. I did not care for it personally, lol, but most the clan did so.....that brings us to the present. TEF has been pretty idle the past year, year and half or so. Some folks left the clan, some just disappeared, haven't heard from them. I was almost to the point of shutting everything down.... but then sureshot mentioned ASSIST (AA2.5) and I was all for giving it a go. AA is my game, no other has ever gotten my interest like AA. TEF is still very quiet but we do hope to bring in some new players soon. Right now it is just me, my oldest son, and a friend of his playing. We hopefully will add some new members soon.

By the way..... yes I'm an "Old Guy" but please be sure to read below..... lol
"Old Guys Rule! Young guys Drool!"
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always overcome youth and arrogance......

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Re: Howdy from -=TEF=-
« Reply #1 on: Sunday, August 02, 2015, 06:53:15 AM »
Welcome back to AA! :)

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